Wednesday Garden Pic of the Day!: Red Hibiscus

Greetings! Tropical storm warnings were dropped this morning for everything east of the Alabama-Florida line.
Last night we got a moderately heavy rain for less then a  hour, I think, last night.
Then intermittent light rains during the night and into this morning.
Since late morning, though, it's been a bright sun-shiny day with a bit of breeze still swaying the pine tree tops.
So we re-hung the hummingbird feeders and replaced the various pots back on the patio, etc.
The YMCA was planning on being closed today, but changed plans and is now open, though a life guard won't be on duty till 4 pm.
Their email suggested the disruption in schedule would also disrupt life-guard scheduling, so the pool is closed till then.
We've decided to wait to go at 4 pm so we can enjoy the dry sauna and a little pool exercise.
Not everything in my flower beds has hated the abundance of rain--the Hibiscus loved it.
So today's Garden Pic of the Day is a very prosperous Red Hibiscus!

Yes, these blossoms are about dessert plate size. (5-6 inches.)
The parsley, by the way, that was so well eaten by a friendly Swallowtail caterpillar is sprouting a bunch of fresh growth.
The crystalis counting my little friend is alive and well in a container in the garage.
I saw it wiggle, so I know it's alive.
This coming Sunday will be 10 days and I'll have to start watching  for a new butterfly!

I mentioned one tie I design, I also designed a Chocolate Font Jumble tie!

Be sure and come back tomorrow for a fun Mama Kat prompt!



. said…
Beautiful flower! LOL, I like the tie with the before and after coffee, LOL, it's funny! :)

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