Garden Pic Wednesday: Sea Holly

Happy New Year!
Welcome back for Wednesday Garden Pics!

I did my by-weekly Cardio Blast exercise class this morning, which is an interval training class using a combo of weights and various styles of aerobics. Love it! I've been doing it about 2 months now and it must be doing something good for me, because we met a friend for lunch recently, whom we hadn't seen for a year, and she looked at me with a rather astonished expression and said, "You look thinner."
So, it must be working!
And, no, I haven't made an New Year's resolutions.
Watching how I eat and exercise is, as they say in the Air Force, just S.O.P for me. (i.e. Standard Operating Procedure)
After that, I came home and did a little quick clean-up in the yard while I waited for my rice to steam: pulling up frost bitten Vinca & Marigolds and picking up pinecones from along the walk.
I also collected a few Marigold seed heads, the best & biggest, for next year.
Pics I have for you today are of my bushy and thriving Sea Holly and that old faithful, Dusy Miller:

Above, is Sea Holly.
It should bloom in spring and when it does, it will produce blue thistle-like, pineapple-looking flowers. It makes a great accent
in a vase. We used to get it often when I worked in the flower shop, so I've wanted some of my own for awhile. It's got a thick, carrot like root and is supposed to like poor sandy soil and drought, so perfect for here!
 It seems to enjoy the cool weather, too. Look at it!
I've tried getting some to grow for several years, but this is the first that ever took off---and I got it at Walmart back in the spring. The roots I kept getting from the catalog plant companies never took.
Go figure.
Next, Dusty Miller.
Hardy here summer and winter!
This one is by the driveway.
I usually end up with a vase full in winter, since that's all that's available, but it performs well in a vase in any season.
It offers interesting blue-green color and texture to any arrangement.
Plus, it roots fairly easily in water making it very easy to multiply for your flower beds! Just stick the rooted stem in any sunny or partially sunny soil, whether ground or pot, and it'll take off!
It blooms a cluster of yellow flowers on a tall stem once a season, in summer. 

 Tomorrow is Mama Kat Thursday, so do come back!
You'll also want to come back on Good Eating Monday for my own personal recipe for delicious, savory Cheese & Sausage Muffins!


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