Garden Pic Wednesday: Vased Glads

  I swam at Y again this morning, then did a little bit of trimming on my blackberries, which are starting to ripen. I decided to snip off any malformed berries, so the plant would put it's energy into ripening the good ones really fat and plump.
I watered them with miracle-grow fertilizer yesterday as well.
I have 2 Garden Pics for you today:
First is a mixed vase I put together featuring Gladiolus.
They are an easy bulb flower to grow and make an excellent vase flower, though you do have to remove dead blooms and trim stems every couple of days, since they open from bottom to top.
But they last as long as it takes to bloom to the top of the stem!
Outside, their bloom heads tend to fall over, being top heavy, and must be either staked up or cut and brought inside.
I prefer the latter.
To make this arrangement:I cut some short stems of Hydrangea, climbing rose & Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus) and arranged these short stems in a circle around the top edge of a vase filled with warm tap water.
Next, I inserted 7 to 9 stems of Glads straight down in the middle, one at time, holding them upright with one hand, adding mores stems while turning the vase, until all the Glads are in place.
They quickly reach a point where the total weave of stems in the vase holds everything where you want it, though Glads will gradually start leaning outward as the blooms open up the stem.
To fix this, I'll re-cut and re-do the arrangement again every few days when I change the water.
 Next, a pretty shot of my shrub rose on the trellis I topped with those metal flowers:This particular breed of rose was listed as one that would "take a shrub-like form" in the catalog I bought a pair from many years ago. However, it has never formed a shrub.
It considers itself to be a climbing rose that puts up long, snaky arms with clusters of rosettes at the ends.
So I train it to a trellis, tying it with coated wire, sometimes snipping unruly growths, though it doesn't like that.
Every winter, I trim it to the base and every spring it comes back and blooms till frost.
In Florida, one could hardly ask for more.


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