Friday Finds: Avengers Humor

 On Pinterest I enjoy collecting recipe and gardening ideas, plus I'm always on the look-out for things that tickle my funny bone!
Here's a couple of my latest gigglers:

Art depiction of Marvel Avengers with Iron Man threatening to cut Batman's bat-rope with scissors!
You may not remember the 60's TV series, but a famous guest-star was always featured popping out of a window on the wall Batman and Robin were bat-roping up! And getting that guest spot was the was all the rage!  

Next a clever photo-shopped pic of Loki with a Snickers bar inserted in his hand.
This scene is right after Hulk has pummeled Loki and he's laying there, wheezing from having the wind knocked out of him.

And last, something of my own design I've pinned on my
 Pinterest board:
A chocolate font design on a tote.

Be sure to come back Monday to see what's Good Eating!
Have a great weekend!


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