Mama Kat Thursday: 6 Things I'll Miss About Summer

The Mama Kat prompt topic this week is:
"6 Things I'll Will Miss About Summer"

I live on the Florida Panhandle, so summer, in the sense of sunny days of sandals and blooming flowers, runs long here. The first hard frost that turns everything brown may not occur until December or January. I'm generally still doing last rounds of mowing into October, though, once the grass stops growing and cooler temps arrive, there are things that I miss:
Summer Beach Sandals
 Igloo Beverage Cooler

#1)  I miss having flowers so easily convenient to just pick and put in a vase. Free.
#2)  I also miss all the outdoor color of summer--not just of flowers, but of variegated greens & purples that die back when it's cold. Only blue-green Dusty Miller dots my otherwise drab winter landscape.
#3) I always miss being able to enjoy being outside in sunshine and fresh air. In winter, we stay and there's nothing to do outside.
#4) I actually miss all the work--the mowing, the trimming, the sweating. All that yard work is part of my summer exercise regimen. I'll have to go to the Fitness center more in winter to compensate. I really enjoy the high activity of spring & summer!
#5) I miss having anything much to photograph. All the bees, butterflies and other garden critters have gone away.
#6) I miss my summer clothes---my knit capri's and sandals. Come winter chill, it's all jeans, socks and shoes.
What about summer do you miss where you live?

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carol daniels said…
It takes a lot of work to get beautiful blooms where I live. If it were as easy as you have it, I'd miss summer, too! And, it is hot, hot, hot, and dry, dry, dry here. Oh, I take that back. Last night we finally got some much needed monsoon rain fall, thunder, and a lightning show. It was delightful! I will miss that! Right now I'm counting the days to autumn.
Unknown said…
First, I can't believe you'll miss all the yard work! LOL!
But the photography problem....I'll miss those too, but I'm looking forward to all the Fall colors too!
Unknown said…
Being a panhandle resident, I'm sure you won't miss the tourists, traffic and crowds! I used to live in SW Florida and we all would breathe a sigh of relief the Monday after Easter.
KatBouska said…
I think I'll miss the early mornings of sunshine and the late, warm evenings. I'm not ready!
Anonymous said…
I am a little surprise to realize this, but I will miss the yard work this year too. It has made me feel healthier doing that type of work.
The Florida panhandle?! Oh, what lovely territory. How lucky you are.~May

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