Friday, April 10

Friday Finds: Zazzle 1040 Sale!

Today's find is Zazzle's Coupons & Promotion Page  featuring
 "10 Products @ 40% Off!
Next week, they'll have a whole new deal, so you'll want to either 
bookmark or save this link to your Favorites & check back weekly!

The 10 Product Categories Are:
Business Cards, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Binders, Serving Trays,
 USB Flash Drives, Post-It Notes, Clipboards & Passport Holders!
Here are a few samples:

 Tons of categories! Or--easily create your own!

Mugs for every topic & occasion!
I have a variety of Christian, coffee, chocolate & birthday mugs available at BevStuff you can check out! Plus more at my Pinterest!

Certainly, a must-have for the gym! And so many choices!

Lots of options here, too!

Definitely a handy thing if you're planning on traveling abroad this summer!

That's it for today! Stop back for Good Eating Monday!

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