Mama Kat Thursday: Casting Call

The Mama Kat topic question today was, "If I were given a part in a television show I like to watch, which show would I pick?"

I'd pick Scorpion.
(Note the silhouette with the question mark in the photos represents me.)
If you haven't heard or seen Scorpion, it's on CBS on Monday nights. The premise is a team of extreme geniuses who do jobs that only geniuses can figure out a solution to.  alter, the leader (guy in front with blue shirt) has an I.Q. of 197, higher then Einstein and his team consists of a math wiz, a mechanical prodigy and a excessively brilliant psychiatrist. 
Paige & Son, Ralph

The problem is, they are so genius they can't interact with average human beings very well, so to help them, they have Paige, who is normal, but who has a genius son, like them, that they're helping her relate to.
 The team is overseen by their friend, Cabe, a Homeland Security agent.

The role I'd want to be cast in, is NOT another genius, but I want to be a second Homeland Security agent that Cabe is "breaking in" on handling a specialty team. At least for one season. (They had a second male  Homeland agent this season to put a wedge between Paige & Walter's interest in one another.)
I'd want my character to have an element of comedy to her, like being a little accident prone or something. The show could use a few more laughs.

So what show would you like to be cast in?

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Jerralea said…
I've never heard of this show, but since I read your post, I want to see it.

I think every show needs a little comic relief.
I hadn't heard of that show before but it does sound interesting! I'm a big fan of the Gilmore Girls so I'd like to be a friend of Lorelei's. They are coming out with some new episodes on Netflix and I am so excited to see what's happened to everyone since the series ended!
KatBouska said…
Haha! I love this idea of inserting an actual normal accident prone woman. And what a fun character that would be to play!

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