Thursday, October 5

Mama Kat Thursday: Another Hobby?

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt for today is, "What new hobby or activity would start--if you had the time?"

Vintage Kenmore just like I use.
I grew up with the idea that having a hobby---many hobbies even, was normal.
Mother sewed, gardened and did all sorts of crafts. She was artistic. I remember her drawing original paper dolls with sets of beautiful clothing for me to play with when I was small.
Dad enjoyed hobby carpentry. He's created gifts of wood for us. I still have the sewing box he built for me that holds all my small sewing accessories.  He, too, gardened---mostly flower beds full of Gladiolas, Dahlias and Cannas.
So naturally my sisters and I became hobby people, too. 

I learned to sew at age 10 for 4-H. I used to sew clothing for myself all through high school, in the Air Force and for a long while after I was married. I often made things like curtains, too, but gradually more hobbies came into my life, especially after we bought a house. Gardening & yard work for one. (Hubby has allergies to the outside.) Painting and decorating for another.
Then in the mid-90's, I started working as a florist.
Still bitten by a creative bug, in 2000, I took up a new hobby:  fan-fiction writing. I learned to build websites to post it on and had tons of fun. 

But no time for sewing.
Seventeen years passed and in 2011, I suddenly had to quit the florist job due to unexpected allergies to a new floor.
At that point I started working for myself at home as a graphic designer and with that came lifestyle blogging. Both things are creative kinds of "work" I can do as I like, but they do require steady working at.

Then, two years ago, Hubby and I took up playing Star Wars: The Old Republic game online in the evenings, which has, happily, re-ignited my writing muse and I've started giving writing 30 minutes here and there. I may even get back to older, unfinished writing projects.

My schedule is quite flexible and Hubby and I are in the office on our computers together in the evenings, so daytime is best for me for doing outside stuff and evening is good for computer things, though I generally inter-mingle outside tasks with computer things throughout my day while he's working.

But back to the question of "what hobby would I like to do, if I had the time?"
 I'd love to sew a few clothes for myself, like I used to. Though, that would require a major investment in new patterns, since I don't foresee myself ever being size 12 again.
 Unfortunately, that hobby also involves having a big mess on the dining table for at least a week and needing to clean everything up for guests every Sunday makes that awkward. Plus it takes hours of time, even for the simplest pattern.
That's why clothes sewing isn't happening.
(The photo of the sewing machine above, by the way, is the exact model I use. It's vintage 70's. I bought it used in 1976 for $75.)
I find winter is a good time for more sedentary hobbies. I do already have fabric for kitchen curtains on hand--I may consider getting to it while it's cold. 
We shall see. 
What hobby do you wish you had time for?

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Jerralea said...

My! I see why you hesitate to add a new hobby! Busy, busy ...

I admire the principle of sewing. But I know myself. The patience is just not there. I do hope it works out for you!

John Holton said...

You almost need a separate room for sewing, because you have the machine, all your fabric, and usually an ironing board, and all the stuff needs to stay out. I have an aunt who sewed (she doesn't now, because of macular degeneration) and she had all her stuff all over the place all the time. She also had the oldest sewing machine I ever saw; not pedal-operated, but an early electric one that must have been from the 40's or 50's. Mary knits, but occasionally needs to sew a steek, where she sews in the stitches and cuts the garment between the seams she sewed. She has an inexpensive machine for just that purpose.

I hope you get the logistical issues worked out and get back to it. It sounds like you want to.

Morgan C said...

Sewing sounds like a wonderful hobby to pursue again. Even if it does make quite a mess.

Abby said...

It seems like sewing isn't as popular as it once was, but it's a fun and useful hobby. My mom got me a sewing machine as a high school graduation present - perfect gift!

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