Friday, January 19

Friday Finds: Heart Stamps for Valentines...Or Anytime!

If you're like me, you don't go through stamps that fast, so when February comes around you want something nice for Valentine card mail, but nothing so specifically "Valentiny" it's no good for March!
Here's the perfect solution:
Heart Themed Stamps!

Here's a pretty patchwork design of Hearts with Love worked into the design by Marta Harvey!

I thought this watercolor World of Love stamp by Mom & Me Designs very cute!

I love this vibrant Pop Art Heart Stamp by Kiki Stamps!

Finally a Sunflower with a Heart Inside stamp, so unique, you'll miss it if you don't look closely! Created by French artist, MAMJODH Desgins!

See Zazzle's full selection of Valentine's Day stamps here.
Have a Great Weekend!

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