Friday, April 27

Friday Finds: Exercises for Feet & Ankles!

Today's find is simple exericses for feet and ankles to strengthen and relieve swelling. These come from a post from Living Strong
that I found in Pinterest.
Motion encourages circulation, which in turn can reduce or prevent swelling.

Toe tip-ups and ankle turns are easy to do while seated at your desk at work.

For heel raises, do a count of 10 with feet straight, a count of 10 with feet turned outward and a count with feet turned inward. If standing, place a hand on a chair back to maintain balance. This can be done seated also.

As an alternative, you can also freeze a bottle of water and roll that under foot to relieve tired and achy feet. Sitting down is easiest, but, if you'd like to stand, place a hand on a chair back to maintain balance. 

Best relaxation pose for legs and hips:

If you're comfortable getting to the floor, this relaxation position, pictured, helps lower back, hips, legs and ankles. It helps circulation and aligns the hips in their sockets.
You can use a clear wall or a closed door. I use the end of my bed because it's tall enough to hold my legs straight behind the knees. Whatever you use, the idea is to having something supporting your legs, so there's no strain.
If you can't get on the floor, laying on a sofa with legs on propped on one or two pillows to give slight elevation is a good relaxation alternative for circulation flow.

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