Mama Kat Thursday: Retro Dairy Queen Memories

The Mama Kat prompt I chose today is related to ice cream: "How has my favorite favor changed?"

Growing up in rural Indiana, there was only one ice cream place to go to: Dairy Queen. 
The closest one was in Martinsville, about 30 minutes away. I remember, after dinner on many a long summer evening, Dad or Mother would say, "Let's go to Dairy Queen!" and with a cheer, we'd all climb in the car and head for a frozen treat!

The Martinsville Dairy Queen in the late 60's & early 70's looked very much like this photo, though I'm not sure it had a neon sign on top.
The kiss shaped logo plaques, such as the red ones on this DQ wall, were in vogue at the time, though our DQ had multi-colored ones: red, blue & yellow.
It was a drive-in only Dairy Queen, just like this one,which was common in that era, though many were just beginning to be remodeled for dining in.
It had a one long, white wooden bench against the wall on either side, so you had the option to sit outside and eat, if you didn't want to eat in the car.
I remember standing at the order window next to Dad, peering through the glass at the glistening hotdogs turning on a rotisserie inside.
(I think that was the only non-ice cream thing they served back then: hotdogs on a bun.)
The vintage Dairy Queen menu was included cones in 3 sizes, plain or chocolate dipped; all sorts of sundaes of varied toppings; milkshakes & malts; Banana Splits; Strawberry Shortcake; various parfaits; flavored sodas and Dilly and Buster Bars.
Dad always got a large Hot Fudge Sundae. It came in a colorful polka-dot cardboard cup with a lot of fudge topping!
Mother always got a Plain Cone, usually the large, traditional wafer cone, 3 bulges tall and topped with the signature Dairy Queen curl.
What we kids got varied, though I had two favorites: the Hot Fudge Sundae and Strawberry Shortcake!
The Strawberry Shortcake Sundae came in a fancy clear plastic pedestal dessert dish with round golden shortcake topped with two budges of soft serve and juicy sliced strawberry sauce. It might've had a squish of whipped cream, too, as fancy Sundae's commonly did. It was good, let me tell you. And big and generous.
I also remember plenty of times when I'd get my other favorite, a Hot Fudge Sundae, then sit next to Dad on the big white bench, carefully eating only a sparing amont of fudge topping along with each bite of ice cream, saving the largest portion of the fudge to enjoy all by itself at the end!
It was an art.

If you ask me what's changed about Dairy Queen, here's what I'd say:
#1)  The size of everything got smaller, both dishes and the servings.
#2)  DQ got stingier with their toppings. A Hot Fudge Sunday isn't what it used to be---barely enough fudge in it anymore. Forget having any leftover.
#3) Prices went up. A large cone back then was only about 60 cents.
#4) Some really good things disappeared: like my favorite Strawberry Shortcake Sundae. Vanished, poof.

#5)  A plethora of other new fangled things got added over the years: more cone types, Blizzards, Peanut Buster parfaits, brownie Sundaes, more cone dips and so on. Also more hot food options, so nowadays you can eat a meal and get a dessert at DQ.

Mostly Dairy Queen represents fond childhood family memories to me.
Whenever we're home to visit in Terre Haute, Indiana, there's one  old, classic style drive-in DQ that still makes their own Dilly bars. So, picking some of those up is always a must whenever we're in town!
So what's changed about your favorite ice cream?

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One of the other prompt options for today was to share about favorite childhood books: I've done that prompt before, which you can read it here.


John Holton said…
We used to have two DQ's by us, but they both closed. One was more of drive-in, the other more a sit-down place. The larger one has changed hands a couple of times and is now a Del Taco, the other closed and there's been a sign out front that says it's becoming a Chinese place for the longest time...
May said…
Oh, my gosh! I completely forgot they served those strawberry shortcake sundaes. My mom loved those. We still have a DQ without a dining room within walking distance. It still looks very much like that photo. Somehow though the dip cones don't taste as good to me as they did when I was a kid.

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