Mama Kat Thursday: If I Could Have Any Holiday Celebration...

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing todays asks, "What would you do to celebrate the holidays if you could do anything you wanted without money or time constraints?"

I live in Florida and Disney World is about 7 hours away by car plus a 1 hour time change.
(If you didn't know, the Panhandle is Central Time, thank goodness, while the main Peninsula of Florida is Eastern.) 

Disney World is decorated for the Christmas season by early November and if I could celebrate the holidays any way I wished, I'd book a room at the Shades of Green Resort, which is for all military & DOD personnel.  I'd book for like Thursday through Monday night in early November or early December. 
(Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas are normally already all booked up.)
The Shades has wonderful food: a daily buffet of different themes: Asian, American, Mexican, etc. Also a wonderful breakfast buffet where you can have a omelet made-to-order.

Because we're seniors without kids, the parks I consider most w
orth visiting are Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. At Hollywood Studios, I only really like Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars area. I love the "galaxy far, far away" atmosphere that they've pretty successfully created and I really enjoyed the food there. I could just stroll around that place every day just for the other worldly feel. 

In Animal Kingdom, I like Pandora, which is based on the planet from the sci-fi movie "Avatar." I'd like a second chance to really enjoy strolling around there again at night. They tried very hard to capture the night-time glowing plants and trees like the movie, though, of course, it's not as bright in reality on Earth as it was in CGI on screen.
Pandora also has a fantastic restaurant I'd love to eat at again!

When we visited Disney World last time, we purchased the Magic Photo thing, where you have photographers take your picture in various locations in every park. It was 50% off for us, so worth doing once, but, in general, it's very distracting from simply enjoying the parks because you have to spend so much time finding the photographers, getting to them, then waiting in little lines for a photo. Some of the photos had cool effects attached, though, I must say.
Best photo spots with special effects added are the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom, the photographer just in front of the Animal Kingdom entry, particularly during the holidays when they add a Mistletoe to your kiss and everywhere in Galaxy's Edge in any season.

(All photos shown are my personal photos: the Magic Castle from Nov 2015 & the  Millennium Falcon from Nov 2019.)


John Holton said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Patty said…
We were in Florida for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and enjoyed Universal and all the Christmas magic in place. If the current virus situation wasn't what it is, we might have been down there again to spend it with our daughter and family.

Still, some lovely memories to look back on and hold hope that we can do it again!

Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable...stay safe!
KatBouska said…
Okay count me in! I've always wanted to experience Disney during Christmas season, but it's just way too expensive and crowded. I will join you on this free make believe trip!

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