Mama Kat Thursday: Worst Inspection Ever--Jose Sarduy

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing today I'm shortening to a "video I recently enjoyed," since I really don't watch many videos.
I more then enjoyed this video, I laughed till I cried.  It's hilarious!

Hubby watches Dry Bar Comedy vids, which specialized in  clean comedy and he showed me this one with Jose Sarduy (sar-dooy), who is an Air Force Academy grad and currently is an Air Force Lt. Colonel pilot in the Reserves, who also just happens to be a fantastic comedic story-teller.
Since we're both veteran Air Force, Hubby and I get the Air Force Academy. We get room inspections.  I suppose some might not know that much about military academies--just think of them as college on steroids. Imagine combining the toughest science and engineering college with all the worst aspects of any military Basic Training multiplied by 5 and you've got the picture of military academy. 

In this video, Jose recalls his "worst" Air Force Academy Inspection. You might like to enlarge it to full screen.
 (It's from youtube, so there will be momentary ads)


John Holton said…
I haven't laughed that hard in weeks! "At least they didn't check the closets!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Abby said…
That's pretty hilarious..."we should do that every time!"
One of my brothers graduated from USAFA, and I lived in the Springs for 15 years. I knew enough to know I wouldn't want to do it!
KatBouska said…
Oh my gosh, I would so be that mom calling to make sure my kid is ok in an entirely different geographic location. lol That was hilarious!

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