Thursday, July 18

Bananas Thursday: Tips and Tricks

Well, none of Mama Kat's prompts inspired me today, so it's "Bananas Thursday," meaning I can talk about any topic I like!
So, I decided, today, I'll share tips and tricks for various things ranging from cleaning house to ideas for using various products, such as baking soda.
Tip #1)  What to do with a bottle of Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil?I had a BIG bottle a guy, who was eliminating post-divorce clutter, offered me. He said it was "bubble bath," but, when he actually gave it to me, I discovered it was bath oil instead, which is not the same thing.
It sat around a long time until I finally looked up a link for ways to use the stuff other then in a bath!

One tip from that list I used today was: wipe Skin-So-Soft around the ports and the base of your hummingbird feeder to keep bees away.
I'll have to let you know how it goes! Bees are a big issue with hummer feeders.

Tip #2) Cleaning with Baking Soda:
I have a link for you for a multitude of uses, but, first, my personal tip is recycling that old refrigerator/freezer baking soda for these assorted uses. That way your only buying new boxes for the frig and freezer.
For easy use, I find it handy to recycle an old spice shaker that has wide holes, such as the type used for dried onions or parsley, into a baking soda shaker. Then pry open the frig box of baking soda and pour into shaker, then use as needed, where needed: cleaning sinks, tubs or adding to washer and any other household chore.
Cover the unused portion of baking soda with foil or put in a zip-lock and store, so you can refill the shaker.
Even for outdoor projects, use the recycled frig soda.

Why buy new baking soda just to throw down the drain?

(This link includes links for uses for salt, vinegar, etc.)

Tip#3) Use the Dryer to Get Rid of Pet Hair:
This is something I do weekly: I round up all the throw blankets, throw pillows from the living room and the chair pads on the dining room chairs, then toss it all in the dryer with a dryer sheet for a brief spin of 10 minutes.
(Of course, not everything fits at once! I think I do 3
10-minute runs total.)
All the pet hair ends up on the filter and everything gets fluffed and freshened!
Great to do with bed pillows periodically, too, just to fluff and freshen, especially feather pillows.

Tip#4)  Keeping that Stainless Steel Frig Front Clean:
Stainless steel shows fingerprints and you can't just wipe it down with glass cleaner. That makes it look smeary.
Here's my secret: Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover  and ordinary furniture spray polish.
(The Turtle Wax is available in car care sections of Walmart, Target, etc.)
First wipe on a coat of the chrome polish on the stainless steel appliance, let dry, then buff off.
 This puts a protective coat on it and leaves it gleaming.
After that, as weekly maintenance or anytime you want to clean off fingerprints, just spray with furniture polish spray, like Pledge, and polish to a shine with a microfiber or flannel polish cloth.
(Also available in car care sections.)
The chrome polish need only be reapplied every 2 or 3 months as the coating gradually wears off.
My stove top is a very old stainless steel. Periodic applications of chrome polish is what keeps it looking reasonably nice and holds the rust at bay.
Great for cleaning shower curtain rods, too!

Tip#5)  Use Vinegar for Fabric Softener
That's what I use. It's cheap, it disinfects, deodorizes and it balances the pH in your clothing. What's not to like?
And, no, it does NOT make your laundry smell vinegary.
For a full load, just use add 1 cup to fabric softener dispenser.
I especially like it for deodorizing bath and kitchen towels and sweaty garden clothing or gym clothes.
That's it for today! Come back for Friday Finds tomorrow!

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