Friday, November 21

Friday Finds: More Zazzle iPhone 6 Cases!

Today I'm featuring some of my Google+ Zazzle Community friends show-stopping iPhone 6 or 6 Plus designs!
But you can view the whole selection Zazzle has available at
 their "iPhone 6 Cases" page arranged in either case style or design style!
Prices range between $44 to $57.

How about this Chicago Elevated Train iphone 6 case!
Visit Northwestphotos for lots more gorgeous phone case options & other gifts!

Scenic Chicago iPhone6 Case

Or how about a glitterly case? 
My friend PLdesigns specializes in everything sparkly!  Visit her store for more phone case options & other gifts!
Sparkly Pink & Blue Mosaic iPhone 6 Plus Case

What about cute and funny?
You'll want to visit my friend Tom's Funny Gifts from Swisstoons store!
He's got an adorable watermelon iPhone 6, too! Plus lots of other gift ideas!

Cute Funny Purple Cartoon Bee iPhone 6 case!

Perhaps something more exotic?
Then you'll want to visit my friend IconDoIt's store for more cases plus lots other cool gift designs!


Don't forget there's lot's more at Zazzle's main iPhone 6 Cases page!
And be sure to check out my newest iPhone designs at BevStuff 
under Electronics(orCasesSleevesCovers)/PhoneCovers/iPhones/6

I'd appreciate it if you would shop through the various highlighted "store links" or  "iphone 6 case" page links! It will bless me and my store owner friends!
That's it for today! Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, November 20

Mama Kat Thursday: The Shelf Cat

The Mama Kat blog prompt topic for today is: "Tell us how your pet came to be a member of your family."

It's an interesting story really. 
I mean, when you want to adopt to cat and you're standing in a shelter surrounded by 40 choices, how do you pick the right one?
Sunni, age 13. She's not allowed outside
on the ground, but Hubby will hold her on
his lap on the patio.
Luckily, Sunni picked us.

It was 2004 and we'd been without a cat for 3 years.--it took me awhile to feel ready to face the decision of choosing a new one after the death of our previous beloved. 
There's a no-kill shelter located on our Air Force Base and we went there.
It was my first trip to a shelter.
I also prayed hard before-hand for a way to know which cat to choose, one that would be a good companion for us.
Our goal was to adopt a mature, indoor cat of docile character, younger then 5 years.  
We walked into the cat room.
It was overwhelming. So many cats.
So many desperate hearts longing for attention. 
I looked at my husband. "How do we even decide?" 
He said, "Let's try picking them up to see if they resist or if they're willing to be held."
I thought, "Wow, what a simple idea."
So we started picking up cats. 
The shelter had two rooms: one inside and one screened-in outdoor room with lots of for cats to sun themselves on.
I saw a white and black kitty just laying quietly on a shelf and picked her up. She didn't mind this, so I carried her back into the other inside room to show Hubby, who my husband was sitting cross-legged on the floor, petting various cats.
I put her down near him, saying, "What about this one?"
 He patted his lap and she hopped right into his lap, then lay down. I sat in a nearby chair and patted my lap, inviting her up. Hubby set her off his lap, so she could and she immediately hopped up onto my lap, then lay down and started licking my wrist.
Just at that moment, one of the shelter workers peeked in to check on us and saw this. With great surprise, she exclaimed, "I've never seen that one do that with anybody!"
That was it. That's how I knew our cat had just picked us.
We didn't take her home that day, but did paid the adoption fees for her adoption. That when he found out her official name was "Sunshine," though we didn't like it much. It didn't seem to suit her, so we shortened it to "Sunni." (pronounced "Sunny")
It was a couple days before we were ready to take her home, but I visited her once in the shelter. She recognized me as soon as I walked out into the screened outdoor room and was practically doing somersaults on the shelf as soon as she saw me.
A day later we did take her home, brought her in the house, let her out of her carrier and she proceeded to run back and forth between us to be petted and give us love-licks, all the while purring loudly.
She's been with us for 11 1/2 years now, altogether a marvelous companion. She likes being where we are, sitting in chair at the table while we eat and going to bed when we go to bed. 
She'll regard us with an intelligent gaze anytime we call her name. 
She especially adores the Hubby and loves him to play with her. Her favorite game is to hide in a plastic bag and have him grab her from underneath, so she can flip over trying to grab his hand. Even at 13.
That's how Sunni came to live in our forever home.
What kind of pet do you have?
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Wednesday, November 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: November Petunia's

It was cold last night--- near 24 degrees. For north Florida, that's chilly. Not when average daytime temps should be 70!
I put a clear Leaf bag over my bell pepper Monday and a foam cover on my only remaining outdoor faucet.
I already brought in all my little ceramic cats from my pots a couple weeks ago---I learned my lesson last winter about exploding ceramic!

So Garden Pic of the Day is a recent picture of a cheery pink Petunia to brighten your winter!

This pot is located near my front door and gets southern sun all day. That's why stuff in will will survive Florida winter.
It's funny--a few days after I took this picture, I added a couple Pansies to this pot and discovered these petunias didn't have much root base. This lovely green broke off and I couldn't find any roots.
Luckily, in another pot, I still had one last pink Petunia that had regrown fresh leaves and was looking pretty healthy, so I moved that to this pot to replace the one you see in the photo.
I threw a kitchen towel over that pot just now to help it weather the night.
My petunias often lay-low in a pot outside all winter, tucked low, not blooming, then explode into vibrant bloom in spring!
How's winter at your end?

Tuesday, November 18

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Leonardo Art Set

This weeks new TMNT art poster set features Leonardo:
This is Our City/Leonardo

Nickname: Leo
Age: 15
Height: 6' 1" to 6' 2" (73 or 74 inches)
Weight: approx 280 to 285 (including shell)
Eye Color: Medium Blue
Skin Color: Dark green; not quite as dark as Raph.
Personality Quirks: Overly serious and seldom jokes. He's by nature cautious and is driven by duty, honor & responsibility. Demands perfection of himself and those around him. Aspires to be a confident and decisive leader, but because lacking experience, tends to come off cocky with everything being about "his plan" and "doing what he says." His cautious nature puts him in frequent clashes with more impulsive Raphael. His secret fear: that he'll fail as a leader. He strives for Splinter's approval and, of all the Turtles, is the most obedient.
Hobbies:  According to official movie websites, "Leo lives, breathes and sleeps Ninjitsu. When not training or studying Ninjitsu, he Zen meditates on himself and his place in the universe or has long, deep conversations with Splinter." From the film, it's evident he also likes beatboxing (elevator scene) and probably shares his brother's general interest in music, though, being the serious one, he's the last to get into it. As homage to the Leo's being a big science fiction fan, his bed has a Star Wars blanket & a space pillow. His cartoon alter-ego on Nick TMNT also loves sci-fi.
[Height is estimated from elevator scene based on Donnie's official height of 6'8" and weight is my own approximation based on height & build. All other character info is from various official movie & Nickelodeon sites.]
More TMNT Movie Set Pics:
This pic is the "dining room" area. Check out that metal portable sink or basin contraption there on the right! It has a faucet on back and a towel hanging on it and splash screen. There's actually an assortment of woks for cooking on a rack to the right, out of frame.
The basket on the floor says "recycle" and is full of crushed soda cans!

     Next, a full view of the "dining set" area of the Lair:
Cool neon dragon on the wall. And those are some nice smooth pallets--not rough and dirty like usual used-type.
 Little red frig back there in the corner, coated in stickers. They certainly love stickers--but they're kids still.
(There Woks and cooking stuff hanging between frig & sink)

Last: A close up of "bunk area" of Lair:
This is where the guys sleep: in curved beds.The bedding color codes who's bed is who's: 
In foreground: Leo's bed on left (with the blue Star Wars blanket) Raph's on right with red bedding.
In background: Donnie's on left with the purple pillow; Mikey's on right with orange bedding.
The set decor is meant to look very teenager like.

Next: Another view of the bunkroom: 
Both Donnie & Leo's beds have space themed pillows, which is a nod toward Donnie also liking sci-fi.
 And you can also see the Jam Room & Dojo from here.

I wonder where Splinter's room is? That's not evident in current set layout. Also, Donnie is supposed to have "a lab."
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of parts of the TMNT sets you
didn't get a good look at during the movie!
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Monday, November 17

Good Eating Monday: Italian Cheesecake Brownies

With the holidays coming, maybe you'd like to try a new sweet treat?
Today I'm sharing one of my favorite baked goodies:
Italian Cheesecake Brownies! 
Italian Cheesecake Brownie
This easy recipe starts with a box of family size brownies for a 13x9 pan!  Then you just top it with a ricotta-egg mixture, marble it into the brownie, bake and, voila, a brownie delight your friends & family will rave over!
The young military guys from our Bible study gobble these things up!
The picture is what they look like when done.

1 container (15oz) Ricotta Cheese (regular, lite or fat-free)
1/2 cup sugar (white, Sugar in the Raw or coconut sugar)
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 box of "family size" brownies for 13x9 pan (which will take 2 more eggs plus oil & water.)

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a 13x9 inch baking pan with foil; spray with cooking oil spray.

Beat ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs, cornstarch & vanilla together until smooth.

Prepare the brownie mix according to directions, then spread 2/3 of that mixture into the foil lined & oil pan, reserving 1/3 for later use. Now spread the cheese mixture over the brownie batter. Last, drop remaining 1/3 of brownie mixture by spoonfuls over top of the cheese. Then with a table knife, cut through the batter in several directions to marbleize the cheese with brownie mix.

Bake 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan, then cut into squares. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 24 brownies.
Yum, yum, yum.  Rich and delicious.
This is a great brownie to take to those holiday finger-food parties!
But they do need refrigeration when not being served, because of the ricotta topping!
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

Friday, November 14

Friday Finds: Zazzle iPhone 6 Wallets

Have you considered an iPhone Wallet for your new iPhone 6?
Made of faux leather, iPhone wallets have a magnetic clasp, two card slots for ID or Credit Cards and 1 pocket!
My friend looked at a iPhone wallet at a local store here in town and the price was $89! 
 Zazzle iPhone Wallets are a much better deal! Prices starting under $30.00!

Just add your own photo!  

Personalize it with a name!

 Monogram Gallery is full of designs you can personalize!
 Christmas photo cards, weddings & more case options!

Chat Noir et Cafe Noir iPhone 6 Wallet from My Coffee Shop!

Be sure to visit My Coffee Shop for more lovely coffee themed products! 
And if you're want to shop iPhone 6 or 6 Plus cases, go here!
That's it for today!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 13

Mama Kat Thursday: Lime In The Coconut

The Mama Kat blog prompt for today is: "Share a favorite song from when you were 16 yrs old...and is it still a favorite?"

Wow, that takes me back---all the way to 1972! 
That's when I was 16. The world was still reeling with Flower Children and Vietnam. Everyone, guys and girls, in high school wore shoulder-length hair parted down the middle. Teachers were being busted for pot. 
We only had 3 television channels to choose from and Princess phones were the "in" thing because they had push-buttons instead of a rotary dial.
 Turbulent times, those days.
That's about the time I started listening to the radio. I can't say any one piece of music was ever my favorite, though one had to hear whatever was popularover and over and over on the school bus all the way to school, then back again.
They tended to stick in your head, but generally not for 42 years--with the exception of one that's still with me: that song "Lime in The Coconut" or just "Coconut," originally by Harry Nilsson, lives on in infamy in my mind!
Probably because it was used so much on a series of Coco-cola commercials for their new "Coca-Cola with Lime." One couldn't watch television or listen to radio without hearing that ad dozens of times a day.
(You can view the ad here on youtube.)
It's a good ear-worm song. 
(An ear-worm is a piece of a song that gets stuck in your head, repeating itself over and over.)This song always seems to come up and get stuck in my head whenever I'm fixing nearly anything with coconut. It's irresistable to me to start singing,"Put the lime in the coconut..."  Pretty soon the Hubby has got it, too.
Really all we know it just that one line--which is what makes it an ear-worm!
It may not have been a favorite song, but certainly it was catchy enough to stick with me all these years.
Uh-oh---because I watched the video and wrote this--it's stuck in my head, going round and round! 

So what's your most dreaded ear-worm song?
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