Thursday, November 27

Friday Finds: My Zazzle iPhone6 Designs:

For the past few weeks, I've been participating in a Blog Challenge from Zazzle to promote their iPhone6 Cases, which is why I've been featuring them every Friday.
To shop Zazzle's extensive line of iPhone 6 Cases, go here!
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You can also visit Zazzle's "Best Seller Gifts"page!
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 Today I'm going to show you a few of my own newest iPhone6 Designs!
(Also available for 6 Plus, iPhone 5's & Graft, iPod Touch, Galaxy's 5 & 4 & Droid Razr.)
(I'm especially proud this one---worked hard to make the photo space work properly! A damask looks a little like wallpaper.)

I love the colors! I did each letter individually to create this look!

I love the cracked and dithered paint effect! The flower was a gerber from my garden originally.

My favorite coffee design! Carpe Di-Java is fake Latin I made up to say, "Seize the Coffee."
The mug & donuts were a still life photo I did.

Happy Shopping & Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, November 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: First Christmas Cactus Bloom!

Today was a nice cold sunny day; the first after several days of rain, so it was a chance to get some outside things done:

#1 on my list was laying down some Scott's Winterguard with Weed Control Turf Builder.
 I've never used it before, but decided I would this year because the weed growth is ridiculous between now and spring. I thought it'd put me ahead. It's for fall application after temps get under 60 degrees. Also requires the grass be wet for application, so I had to hose it down lightly before hand. Then weather needs to be clear of rain for 24 hours afterwards.
This is different then Weed & Feed, which needs to be watered in.

#2 on my list was trimming back the lower portion of one of the front yard Pampas Grass clumps because it was becoming intrusive.
Also pulled up frost-killed Vinca plants--though there are plenty of infant Vinca's around that weren't frost-killed and I'm sure a host of them will pop up fresh from scattered seed come spring!

I can also report that my Roma tomato plant that's under the plastic bag has a little tomato on it. So far, so good.

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is this seasons first Red Christmas Cactus Bloom!

Really, it's the first time I've seen the red part bloom!
 A lady I saw in exercise class at the local YMCA gave me some cuttings from her red Christmas Cactus last fall and I mixed them into the pot with the White Christmas Cactus I already had. It didn't bloom last season.
I've seen red Christmas cactus at the store that didn't strike me as impressive and I had no idea what this red would look like.
But I'm pleased to see it's coloring is amazingly gorgeous!
It red with a touch of orange and a tad pink to it.
As the plants mature together, it should eventually put on quite a good show of red and white blooms!

(Christmas Cactus is poisonous to pets, particularly cats. So if you have pets prone to munching your houseplants, do put your Christmas Cactus safely out of reach!)
So what's your favorite blooming houseplant?
That's it for today!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25

Polyvore Tuesday: Fight As A Family Art Set

My final TMNT themed art set: this one featuring just the Ninja Turtles eyes 
The design includes watercolor city landscapes and an old Japanese symbol for "family."

Fight As A Family

Fight As A Family by madamdreamweaver

There are some large differences between the story-lines of the Nickelodeon 2014 TMNT Film and the current on-going Nick TMNT Cartoon. This is particularly evident in varying background details concerning Splinter:

In the Film:

* Splinter is simply a lab rat who has mutated into just a larger rat. 
* He's really no older then the Turtles he's raised, despite having assumed a parental role, and whatever wisdom he has is more from books then life experience. (There's like tons of books on the movie set.)
* Splinter taught himself Ninjitsu from books he found, then taught his sons. 
* His only history with Shredder is really just being aware of Shredders evil intentions for New York.
* Aside from the general cultural reference of being Ninja's, there's nothing inherently Japanese about either Splinter or the Turtles. Therefore, their application of anything Japanese can only be hodge-podge based on whatever they they wish to make use of.  For example: they're enamored with a Japanese symbol for family which use liberally everywhere, probably more because of the "family" aspect of it. Plus there's plenty of Chinese decor on the sets as well, signifying a potpourri approach.

* In the film, the Turtles are 15 year old teens, while other human characters are all adults in their mid-20's or older.

In the Cartoon:
* Splinter is a 40 year old Japanese man who has been mutated into a tall, man-sized rat through an accidental exposure to mutagen. His real name is Hamato Yoshi.
* Acting as a parent to the Turtles, his wisdom is from real life experience as a human; not just books.
* He was already Master Ninja before he was a rat, so his knowledge & skills in Ninjitsu are personal and real.
* Since he is actually Japanese, Splinter naturally raised his Turtle sons speaking & understanding Japanese, to know each Ninjitsu move by it's Japanese name, to obey his commands in Japanese, to eat with chopsticks and generally live according to what he culturally knows.
* He is a member of a particular Japanese clan and wears his clan symbol on the back of his red kimoto.
* His history with Shredder is also more personal. They belonged to rival clans while living in Japan, but when Shredder was the only one left of his clan as a boy,Splinter's family adopted him and they were raised as brothers. Later, they had a falling out over a woman who chose to marry Hamato over Shredder and she was accidentally killed by Shredder during an attack on Splinter. Shredder blames Splinter for her loss, so Shredder has a vendetta against Splinter and that's what brought him to New York--to kill him.   
* In the cartoon, the Turtles, April, Casey Jones and Karai are all equally teenagers. 
Japanese, by the way, is rated as #6 on the list of top ten most difficult languages to learn. 
Hope you enjoyed these various informative TMNT Polyvore sets, the trivia, movie lore and set pictures!

Monday, November 24

Good Eating Monday: Crescent Roll Cheese Danish

Greetings!  Hope you'll have an excellent Thanksgiving this week!
We'll be up on base helping out with a Thanksgiving meal for the Airman at the Chapel Annex this year. The dining facility, which normally puts on a huge feast, is closed temporarily for some remodeling. 
No Mama Kat prompt post this week. 

Today's Good Eating recipe is "Cheese Danish" made with refrigerated Crescent Roll dough,
The friend who gave me the Honey Bun Cake recipe I posted a couple weeks ago, also gave me this recipe.
It's more of a breakfast treat; something to serve on Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year's morning!
I haven't made it, but I've tasted it when my friend made some and it's to die-for delicious!  And easy to make!

Cheese Danish

 2  8oz packages of cream cheese, softened
 2 cans refrigerated Crescent Rolls
 1/2 cup sugar
 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
 1 egg yolk

Glaze Topping:
1 1/2 Tablespoons warm milk
1/2 cup confectioners sugar

Bottom Crust: Press one package of Crescent Roll dough out on bottom of a greased 13 x 9 pan, smoothing seams together with fingers.  

Filling: Mix softened cream cheese with egg yolk, sugar and vanilla until creamy. Spread in pan over Crescent Roll dough.

Top Crust: Open and unroll 2nd Crescent Roll package on lightly floured surface and press out flat. Lay this over top of cream cheese mixture.

Bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

Glaze Topping:  Mix warm milk and confectioners sugar while baking. Pour glaze on & spread over top of Danish immediately after removing from oven. Refrigerate Danish immediately and keep stored in frig when not serving.
                                 Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!                                                             

Friday, November 21

Friday Finds: More Zazzle iPhone 6 Cases!

Today I'm featuring some of my Google+ Zazzle Community friends show-stopping iPhone 6 or 6 Plus designs!
But you can view the whole selection Zazzle has available at
 their "iPhone 6 Cases" page arranged in either case style or design style!
Prices range between $44 to $57. Plus Zazzle has a discounts and sales going on all the time!

How about this Chicago Elevated Train iphone 6 case!
Visit Northwestphotos for lots more gorgeous phone case options & other gifts!

Scenic Chicago iPhone6 Case

Or how about a glitterly case? 
My friend PLdesigns specializes in everything sparkly!  Visit her store for more phone case options & other gifts!
Sparkly Pink & Blue Mosaic iPhone 6 Plus Case

What about cute and funny?
You'll want to visit my friend Tom's Funny Gifts from Swisstoons store!
He's got an adorable watermelon iPhone 6, too! Plus lots of other gift ideas!

Cute Funny Purple Cartoon Bee iPhone 6 case!

Perhaps something more exotic?
Then you'll want to visit my friend IconDoIt's store for more cases plus lots other cool gift designs!


Don't forget there's lot's more at Zazzle's main iPhone 6 Cases page!
And be sure to check out my newest iPhone designs at BevStuff 
under Electronics(orCasesSleevesCovers)/PhoneCovers/iPhones/6

I'd appreciate it if you would shop through the various highlighted "store links" or  "iphone 6 case" page links! It will bless me and my store owner friends!
That's it for today! Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, November 20

Mama Kat Thursday: The Shelf Cat

The Mama Kat blog prompt topic for today is: "Tell us how your pet came to be a member of your family."

It's an interesting story really. 
I mean, when you want to adopt to cat and you're standing in a shelter surrounded by 40 choices, how do you pick the right one?
Sunni, age 13. She's not allowed outside
on the ground, but Hubby will hold her on
his lap on the patio.
Luckily, Sunni picked us.

It was 2004 and we'd been without a cat for 3 years.--it took me awhile to feel ready to face the decision of choosing a new one after the death of our previous beloved. 
There's a no-kill shelter located on our Air Force Base and we went there.
It was my first trip to a shelter.
I also prayed hard before-hand for a way to know which cat to choose, one that would be a good companion for us.
Our goal was to adopt a mature, indoor cat of docile character, younger then 5 years.  
We walked into the cat room.
It was overwhelming. So many cats.
So many desperate hearts longing for attention. 
I looked at my husband. "How do we even decide?" 
He said, "Let's try picking them up to see if they resist or if they're willing to be held."
I thought, "Wow, what a simple idea."
So we started picking up cats. 
The shelter had two rooms: one inside and one screened-in outdoor room with lots of for cats to sun themselves on.
I saw a white and black kitty just laying quietly on a shelf and picked her up. She didn't mind this, so I carried her back into the other inside room to show Hubby, who my husband was sitting cross-legged on the floor, petting various cats.
I put her down near him, saying, "What about this one?"
 He patted his lap and she hopped right into his lap, then lay down. I sat in a nearby chair and patted my lap, inviting her up. Hubby set her off his lap, so she could and she immediately hopped up onto my lap, then lay down and started licking my wrist.
Just at that moment, one of the shelter workers peeked in to check on us and saw this. With great surprise, she exclaimed, "I've never seen that one do that with anybody!"
That was it. That's how I knew our cat had just picked us.
We didn't take her home that day, but did paid the adoption fees for her adoption. That when he found out her official name was "Sunshine," though we didn't like it much. It didn't seem to suit her, so we shortened it to "Sunni." (pronounced "Sunny")
It was a couple days before we were ready to take her home, but I visited her once in the shelter. She recognized me as soon as I walked out into the screened outdoor room and was practically doing somersaults on the shelf as soon as she saw me.
A day later we did take her home, brought her in the house, let her out of her carrier and she proceeded to run back and forth between us to be petted and give us love-licks, all the while purring loudly.
She's been with us for 11 1/2 years now, altogether a marvelous companion. She likes being where we are, sitting in chair at the table while we eat and going to bed when we go to bed. 
She'll regard us with an intelligent gaze anytime we call her name. 
She especially adores the Hubby and loves him to play with her. Her favorite game is to hide in a plastic bag and have him grab her from underneath, so she can flip over trying to grab his hand. Even at 13.
That's how Sunni came to live in our forever home.
What kind of pet do you have?
Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, November 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: November Petunia's

It was cold last night--- near 24 degrees. For north Florida, that's chilly. Not when average daytime temps should be 70!
I put a clear Leaf bag over my bell pepper Monday and a foam cover on my only remaining outdoor faucet.
I already brought in all my little ceramic cats from my pots a couple weeks ago---I learned my lesson last winter about exploding ceramic!

So Garden Pic of the Day is a recent picture of a cheery pink Petunia to brighten your winter!

This pot is located near my front door and gets southern sun all day. That's why stuff in will will survive Florida winter.
It's funny--a few days after I took this picture, I added a couple Pansies to this pot and discovered these petunias didn't have much root base. This lovely green broke off and I couldn't find any roots.
Luckily, in another pot, I still had one last pink Petunia that had regrown fresh leaves and was looking pretty healthy, so I moved that to this pot to replace the one you see in the photo.
I threw a kitchen towel over that pot just now to help it weather the night.
My petunias often lay-low in a pot outside all winter, tucked low, not blooming, then explode into vibrant bloom in spring!
How's winter at your end?