Wednesday, February 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: Winter's Beauty

Did you see the recent Mr. Clean ad with a dancing Mr.Clean?  Well, Hubby has a quirky sense of humor. Last week at the Commissary as we strolled down the laundery/cleaning product aisle, he observed a woman studying the selection of Mr. Clean products and said to her,
 "I heard he'll dance for you if you buy that stuff."

Then he confessed another one of his "ad humor" hit & runs.
He told me one time at the commissary some years ago, he saw a lady studying the various brands of peanut butter and out-loud, randomly said, 
"You look like a choosy, Mom. Choosy Mom's choose Jif."

Then was another time, a number of years ago, we were sitting in the eye-glasses shop at the BX. The person who worked there was doing something with my glasses order, so she was away from the desk. Hubby was sitting beside me, idly looking at a turning display of glasses frames on the desk top, trying them on and so on.
Suddenly, he put on a pair of very modern silver-gray frames, with a very wide top decorated with yellow stars and bright purple zig-zag stripes and, to no one in particular, suddenly said out-loud, "Where we're going, we don't need roads."
I just about fell out of my chair laughing.
(He was quoting Doc Brown from the end of the first Back to the Future movie, who was wearing futuristic gray glasses.)

Today's Garden Pic is a my neighbors red Camellia, which I see whenever I go in or out of my front door!
Camellias come in a range of different blossom types. This particular one looks like a carnation. 
It started blooming in December. 

Monday, February 20

Good Eating Monday: Indoor S'mores!

It was in the late 1960's when I tried my first S'More. I think the recipe was in the 4-H Cooking Project book. After that first taste, it was a family favorite whenever we had a wiener roast outside, since classic S'Mores involved toasted marshmallows.
The original recipe calls for Hershey bars, but we found Hershey bar pieces weren't that responsive to melting all that fast or well under a single hot marshmallow, so we switched to using Brach's Chocolate Stars, which melt perfectly!
We'd used 3 or 4 stars per half a graham, topped with a fat toasted marshmallow and they were perfect!

So, with fond memories of S'Mores, today's recipe is a Pinterest recipe for Indoor S'Mores I tried out this week!
The recipe is simple, though I used a bag of Chocolate Stars instead of Hershey Bars because they melt better. 
The Indoor Recipe didn't mention a pan size, though the picture and ingredient quantities suggest it's a jelly roll pan.
The only problem I found with the recipe was there was no directions for exactly how to go about getting this super hot treat out of the super hot pan onto a serving plate while it's still warm & gooey.
This treat cools down fast, but you can refrigerate leftovers and warm them up the next day in over or microwave.
So, I post the recipe here as it is from Pinterest:

Indoor S'Mores
56 Honey Graham Crackers, divided in half
Hershey Bars, divided into 28 small sections
Mini Marshmallows, about 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups, to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Spray a large baking pan, like a jelly roll pan, with oil spray,
Layer with Graham cracker halves.
Layer each Graham cracker half with chocolate pieces.
Top with mini-marshmallows (Try to keep them on top of the crackers, not off to side in pan)
Bake for 3 - 5 minutes
Remove from oven and top with remaining crackers, matching half to half.

Like I said, it's tricky getting them out of the hot pan for serving while they're still gooey, because they cool down quick.
You can choose your own favorite chocolate. I made half a recipe with 1 bag of  Brach's Chocolate Stars, so a full recipe would probably take 2.

Friday, February 17

Friday Finds: Magic Magnifier Fun!

I've been a member at for many years now and it's a place for unadulterated creative fun. I belong to a few member-run groups that offer "contests," involving a topic suggestion for making sets around. 
A few weeks ago, I shared some favorite sets I've made for my Flowers In Art group.

So for my "Finds" this week, I'm sharing two sets I recently made for an extremely clever contest idea called, "Magic Magnifier" from my Curio Shop group.
The object of this is to use this "Magic" Magnifying Glass to reveal something hidden within the scene that you would otherwise not see.

Peek A Boo
This 1st set would be an ordinary picture of a beautiful woman, but the Magic Magnifier reveals hidden within the blurry yellow bokeh Steampunk clocks and a cute frog peeking out around one!

Peek A Boo

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?
This 2nd set is a fantasy underwater scene with a mermaid that looks pretty normal---until you look through the Magic Magnifier and see Spongebob!

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

Many of the other contestants came up with hidden fairies or butterflies, so it was actually hard thinking of something else whimsical. The idea came to me to use Spongebob while I was looking for yellow things to use in the first set, but it's my favorite set because it's so laughable!

If you'd like to see what other Magic Magnifier contestants have come up with, visit the contest entries, here.
It's free to join and most people use it for creative art, home interior or fashion art expression!

Thursday, February 16

Mama Kat Thursday: A Happenstance Meeting

This weeks Mama Kat prompt is an interesting one. It's about how my parents met.

It was the winter of 1944.
 Dad was a young sailor home on leave, his first leave, after having spent the previous 18 months on a Minesweeper in the Pacific.
He happened to be on a street car riding back to Minneapolis from roller skating at a rink in St. Paul, when my Mother and her friend, Kathy hopped on. 
Mother just remembers being face to face with this cute sailor in his dress blues, Navy pea coat and smoking a pipe with his Navy cap at a jaunty angle.
The three of them had a pleasant chat during the 40 minute ride and he said he'd be going back to the South Pacific soon and would they care to write? It was widely regarded as patriotic duty to write the servicemen during World War 2, so both girls quickly agreed and he jotted down their addresses. He had to write first, since he didn't know his ship assignment yet. 

He did write both girls and, for a time, Mother and her friend, Kathy would compare & discuss his letters together.  Mother didn't think her friend corresponded with Dad all that long, but she continued trading letters with him.
Then in later in 1945, Dad wrote Mother that he was getting out of service soon and  coming home to Minneapolis---could they meet up?
Mother agreed and they had a first date to see a Agatha Christie  movie called, "And Then There Were None."

Dad & Mom//1948
By the end of 1946, they were going steady and talking about marriage.
By summer of 1947, he'd found good employment working as radio announcer in South Carolina and by late fall, they were ready to get married. 
Mother was still living in Minnesota, so they each had to get their marriage licenses separately from the states they were living in, then she joined him in South Carolina and they had a Lutheran Minister marry them in his small church.
It was an intimate wedding---just the Minister and the two of them. 
Then they began their new life together.

If you're interested in reading my Father's actual war journal, you can go here.

Thanks for Visiting!

Wednesday, February 15

Garden Pic Wednesday: Holly Flowers!

I've been making bread about once a week with my relatively new bread-maker and today decided to make some old-fashioned cinnamon & raisin swirl bread. That's basically like making a giant cinnamon roll. It's doing it 2nd rise now, then I'll bake it.

Today's Garden Pic is Holly Flowers!
This is an Oakland Holly tree and it's going to be loaded with berries! The berries are edible for birds!
The tree is about 4 feet high. It's a holly tree of shorter suited to the South, slow-growing, grower, self-pollinating and naturally holds a triangular symmetry without hedging. 
All perfect in my book!

This week was also Valentine's Day and Hubby got me a HILARIOUS card! I laughed out-loud when I read it.
I took pictures and here it is:

Outside says, "This Valentine will bring tears to your eyes..."
Inside says, "I farted in it! Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day."
And he gave me a Mounds bar--my most favorite chocolate candy bar! We shared it.