Thursday, September 22

Mama Kat Thursday: Vintage Back to School Memories

Today's Mama Kat is to share, "A Back to School Memory."

     The scent of autumn was in the air and golden rod was in bloom when I started school in 1963.  I wore a dress, since dresses were what all girls wore to school back then, and carried a red & black plaid book bag, such as the one pictured.
      I carried all my books back and forth to school everyday. Initially, I don't recall we could leave books in the our desks and I remember not enjoying how heavy trundling that loaded book bag back and forth was. At some point in grade school, we had assigned desks and could leave our stuff there. I think desk styles changed maybe, though I can't remember. I do remember I wasn't carrying that thing back and forth in 2nd grade.

50's/60's Book Bag
     I would wait for the bus at the end of the driveway and on this particular day I recall going sitting at the very farthest back seat. The bus's next stop was at the bottom of the hill. A high school girl lived in that small ramshackle house that was set back against hillside and she got on. She carried her books, since high schooler's had lockers.
   She sat next to me. She had dark hair worn in a poofy 60's style that was softly full all around her head. She wore black eye liner, black mascara, blue eye shadow, had a red or pink lipstick on and was chewing gum. She, too, was wearing a skirt. It was stylishly short--about 3 or 4 inches above the knee, worn with sheer nylons and low heels. 
Square Style Class Ring 
    What was interesting to me is how she used this time on the bus ride to fix up the huge class ring she wore on her left ring finger. No doubt it was her boyfriend's, as wearing the boy's class ring was a status symbol of "going steady" back then. It was the square style ring, as pictured. Wrapping rings with yarn was common then to make them fit better, but this girl wrapped the top of her ring. I remember watching in fascination as she removed whatever yarn was on it at the time, then pulled out a fresh strand of yarn of a different color from her purse, then carefully wound this round and round the ring just under the edge of the square top. Then she pulled out an old toothbrush and brushed the yarn into "fur," so it surrounded the ring like a fluffy cloud of color. It was beautiful and feminine.
     Whenever I think of class rings, her wrapping the ring is what comes to mind.
      (By the time I was a Senior, class rings were the round style and I never bought one anyway. I considered them too expensive and I wasn't so fond of high school that I wanted a  memento that would end up in my jewelry box forever.)

Gum Wrapper Origami
I also found a picture of this gum wrapper chain on Pinterest and I was reminded that I often saw these being worked on by kids slightly older kids on the bus. They'd collect gum wrappers from other kids and work on long chains, such as pictured, using both the colorful outer gum wrappers as well as the inner foils mingled together to make them pretty. I suppose it's a kind of origami, but it's a skill I never learned.

     That's it for today's trip to the past.

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Wednesday, September 21

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Tree Root Cover-up!

Since I'm going to talk about rocks today, it seems appropriate to mention this item that was in last weeks Police Blotter from our local paper:
"On August 22, Niceville Police received a report from a woman who said someone had stolen her painted pet rock."
I'm still laughing about that one.

For today's Garden Pics I have a "before" & "after" of a project to "hide" the big root that got tilted up out of the ground when a big windstorm blew over our Aspen tree.

That root is like a huge elbow sticking out of the ground with a big hole under it. It's in the front yard next to our large Gardenia. Very visible. No way to push the elbow back down and I didn't want to have it ground-out because of all the Shamrocks and bulbs and lilies in the vicinity. 

We purchased 10 flagstones. My plan was to layer the stones in around the root and blend it back into the landscape in such a way it would look "natural."
It took me 3 tries in placing the stones to get the look I had in my minds eye. Then I tucked Chinese Stonecrop and Hen & Chicks into the crevices and arranged by pots around it. The Wandering Jew covers the stump.
That area is full of Shamrocks. It should look spiffy by next spring. 
I'm quite happy with the result and it was an inexpensive fix: $18 for rocks & a couple bags of Top Soil.

That's it for today!
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Monday, September 19

Good Eating Monday: Barbecue Pineapple Meatballs!

Call them Barbecue Pineapple Meatballs or call them Hawaiian--either way this recipe from Pinterest I tried out is delicious!
I highly recommend it. Just 3 ingredients:
 frozen meatballs, barbecue sauce & crushed pineapple! 
Easy & tasty!
I served it as "Hawaiian Meatball Sandwiches," but it makes a great appetizer, too!
The recipe is easy to adjust to serve more people!

Now the original recipe was made on the stove top and heated in 15 minutes, but I doubled the recipe and heated it in a slow-cooker.
So you could do either. First the original recipe, then the doubled recipe for two bags of meatballs. 
In general, to increase the recipe quantity, you need 1/2 cup Barbecue sauce per 16 oz bag of meatballs. With the pineapple, a whole 20 oz can should be good for up to 3 (16 oz) bags.

Barbecue Pineapple Meatballs
1 (16 oz) bag frozen plain Meatballs 
1/2 cup Barbecue sauce
1  (8 oz) can crushed Pineapple with juice (or a generous 1/2 cup if you only have a larger can.)

Combine ingredients in saucepan on stove, stir to combine and heat, until warm and bubbly, then serve either on buns or as appetizer.

Barbecue Pineapple Meatballs--Doubled for Slow-Cooker
2 (16 oz) bags frozen plain meatballs 
1 cup Barbecue sauce
1  20 oz can Crushed Pineapple

About 2 hours before servings, spray inside of slow-cooker with cooking spray, then add meatballs, Barbecue sauce & crushed pineapple with juice, give a stir to combine, then cover and heat on low still hot. Once hot, you can turn down to "warm" for serving.

Serve on hoagie rolls or wiener buns as a sandwich or over rice! 
We've been eating leftovers over rice---yum! 
If you get mini-meatballs, they make a great appetizer!
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

Friday, September 16

Friday Finds: More Halloween Fun!

For today's "Finds" I have more fun Halloween things!

I'm actually quite picky about Halloween imagery. I don't care for anything too creepy, bloody or spooky.
So today I've got some fun paper party plates, a versatile party napkin, a gorgeous serving tray & a super cute shirt!

You can see a broader selection of my favorites favorite invitations, shirts, & party supplies on my
Pinterest, "Things for Halloween" board!
(It's at the bottom)

A cute paper plate perfect any Halloween gathering! Comes in 7" & 9" sizes!

Vintage Halloween Party Plate
I love this one! Great for a adult costume party!

A simple, black & white design that says it all and works with any party color scheme!

Happy Halloween 8 Serving Tray
A fabulous tray for setting out those Halloween treats for a party or for Trick or Treaters! Two sizes to choose from!

This would be fabulous to wear to work on Halloween or out with the kids Trick or Treating! 

To see Zazzle's full Halloween selection, go HERE!
That's it for today!
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Wednesday, September 14

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red Spider Lily!

I worked outside about an hour today and a half cleaning up sticks, cones and cone-cobs. (Cone cobs are the pine cone core that is left after the squirrels burr off all the petals to get to the seeds.) I also racked up a stack of pine cone petals scattered about the walkway and bit of yard just in front of the entryway. That area is under a couple pines trees, directly beneath where squirrels are busily cobbing-cones.
I also planted beet seeds in a very large container in the back yard--hoping I'll get beet greens all winter.
The melon in the garden that I thought was dead, recent sprouted a couple new vines. I guess the roots aren't dead. If it wants to keep going that's okay by me, though I will be planting Broccoli soon in on the other end of the garden that's empty.
I have a small breed of Bell Pepper seeds I've been sprouting in the house. It's designed for containers, but I'm going to plant them in the bed next to the front door where they'll have lots of sun all winter and I can keep an eye on them. Out of the pack of 25 seeds, I've only gotten 6 to sprout now. Nothing I planted in spring took.
 I've had a lot of success getting Peppers to winter-over in that location. The current Pepper is two years old and still producing.
I say, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Today's lovely Garden Pic is one of my Red Spider Lilies!

These are a breed of "Magic Lily," that appear as if out of nowhere in Southern gardens in September. Each blossom head is a ring of 7 to 9 small lilies, each with long curvy whiskers and each bulb puts up 2 to 3 stems each.  The bulbs slowly proliferate over time, gradually making larger clumps. Brings great color to the autumn flower bed!
I have to be gone tomorrow, so I don't think I'll be doing any post for Thursday. Stop back for Friday Finds!