Thursday, April 28

Mama Kat Thursday: The Cornbread Mishap

The Mama Kat prompt for today is about "a kitchen mistake," and though I've certainly made my own, none is as good as Hubby's "cornbread" mishap.
He usually laughingly denies being able to cook. He'll tell people that "he burns water when he boils it."
The truth is he actually CAN cook. Usually just simple things like frying eggs or mixing up a box of Kraft mac & cheese.
Little does anyone know he actually used to bake made-from-scratch cornbread from a recipe off the corn meal box that I had copied onto an index card we had pinned on the frig with a magnet.
Sea Sponge
He didn't do it often. Just once in a while, which was apparently seldom enough for him for forget the difference between the abbreviation for "teaspoon" (tsp) and "Tablespoon," (Tbsp).The cornbread recipe called for 3 "tsp" Baking Powder."  He mistook it for "Tbsp" and put in 3 Tablespoons of Baking Powder.The result was a batch of cornbread so light and airy and full of holes, it looked something like this sea sponge.
It wasn't inedible---just airy and we had a good laugh about it, which helped make it memorable.
(Psst, don't tell him I told. He doesn't want anyone to know he actually can cook!)
What's your most memorable cooking mistake?

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Wednesday, April 27

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blooming Blue, Red & Violet

The week 2 in the next round of bloggers age 50 or more in the "Between the Lines Series," is up!
To read about the how and why all these older featured bloggers got into blogging, visit their Interviews @ Katherine's Corner.
Here's A Few of My Favorites:

You'll want to stay tuned---I'm going to be featured on May 10th!
For today's Garden Pics, I have a beautiful shot of my front bed Blooming Blue & my patio container Blooming Red & Purple!

Blooming Blue:
This is as pretty as my front bed as has ever looked!  
This is Purple Salvia & Siberian Iris!

Blooming Red & Violet!
This container sits on my back patio. It's one of three.
This is Red Salvia & Violet Petunias.
The Salvia wintered over & the petunias were I found at Walmart for 50% off. I put them in all my patio containers. I find Petunias
do better in a container then in the flat ground. They have plenty of water, are easy to dead-head and they like to spill over the edge.
Red Salvia attracts Hummingbirds, too!

That's it for today!
Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow! The prompt I'll be doing is about
a "mistake in the kitchen!"

Monday, April 25

Good Eating Monday: Herbs & Spices to Fight Colds

I came home from a conference this past weekend with a slight cold, so I felt inspired today to write about some of the surprising  herbs & spices right in your cabinet or even in your frig that can help your body fight off that cold or flu!

So today's Good Eating topic is common herbs, spices & foods you have right on hand to help fight colds & flu!


Eat Extra Vitamin C: Known for boosting the immune system, a little extra Vitamin C when you're sick can't hurt! Common foods full of Vitamin C include not only Citrus, like oranges, tangerines, lemons & grapefruit, but also Kiwi, Broccoli, Strawberries, Yellow & Red Bell Peppers and surprise--Cooked Tomatoes!

Turmeric: This yellow spice is great for helping clear out chest congestion. I always keep some on hand for this reason, since colds tend to go to my chest. For congestion,  mix 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric into a quarter cup of milk , stir well and swig it down. Do this every 4 hours until congestion lessons.
Taco Seasoning & Curry Powder are both rich in Turmeric, so you can whip up something good to eat using either and enjoy your Turmeric that way!

Garlic: This culinary herb is helpful for preventing viruses & may help lesson symptoms. It's the Allicin this herb contains that does the work. To get the best benefit from it: mince your fresh garlic clove and let it sit 10 to 15 minutes before adding it to any cooking in order to maximize the release of Allicin. (I didn't know that!)
Stir up a batch of spaghetti & add an extra clove or two of garlic plus lots of extra oregano!

Oregano:  I find I usually crave Italian food when I'm sick and I think it's the combination of garlic, oregano and tomato sauce my body wants. Oregano itself has many healthful properties, but, in particular, when you have a cold or flu, oregano encourages sweat production as a method of detox & can help your body get rid of unwanted phlegm in the lungs.
Besides Italian & Greek cooking, you can add Oregano to your eggs, shake dried Oregano over salads, add extra to your Italian dressing! Add it to your chicken soup!

Cinnamon:  This unassuming spice has tons of benefits: it's anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. It's everything. It was being tested as alternative for antibiotics for livestock, like cattle, overseas. 
I shake ground cinnamon over my coffee grounds before making coffee every time I make it, but I have an old-fashioned drip coffee maker.
 If you can't do that, shake cinnamon over your oatmeal or make cinnamon toast or bagel using more cinnamon, then sugar. Add extra cinnamon to all your baking!

Ginger Root or Tea:  Ginger in any form is pretty much a good fixer! It can relieve nausea, seasickness, can help relieve a sore throat & even kills rhinoviruses, which cause colds. In food, it's an essential for Asian cooking & soups. I like to grind it fresh over my steamed rice any time.
To fight a cold, I like drinking a favored herbal tea that includes Ginger to help speed up my cold-recovery.
 If I don't have any kind of Ginger tea on hand, I've been known to grind fresh ginger over my coffee grounds before brewing. (Can't taste it, but still get the benefit.)  
You can make your own hot ginger tea with fresh ginger: finely cut or grind fresh at least a teaspoon of ginger & place into a tea strainer, put strainer in cup, then pour hot water over it. Add honey & sip.

Red Pepper:  Adding spicy hot foods can help you breathe better if you have a stuffy nose!  Ground red pepper,  chilies, jalapenos & other fresh hot peppers all contain Capsaicin, which can help thin the build-up of mucous in nasal passages. 
Add red pepper to soups or even to tea to get this benefit!

Mint Tea: The Menthol in a cup of mint tea can be relaxing to the body & to the nasal passages. If you grow mint, you can
use snips of fresh.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

Thursday, April 21

Mama Kat Thursday: The Great Square Donut Battle

The Mama Kat topic for today is, "Share a local news story that's a buzz in your neck of the woods," but my buzzy news story actually comes from Terre Haute, where I enjoyed reading about it in the morning newspaper most days we were there visiting my Mom & sister recently.
I call it, "The Great Square Donut Battle!"

There's an iconic local family business  in Terre Haute, Indiana called, "Square Donuts of Terre Haute."
It was established in 1967. Eventually, the family opened a few other locations and everything was smooth-sailing until 2005, when a Convenience Store chain based out of Valparaiso, Indiana randomly decided to start selling their own version of square donuts they labeled as,"Square Donuts."
Now this Convenience Store chain, like most convenience chains, sells lots and lots of other products besides donuts. Donuts are not their specialty, but for the Terre Haute business, donuts is what they do and they've been famous for them for 49 years!

The two, of course, promptly became locked in legal contention over use of the name "Square Donuts," and have remained so since 2006. 

According to what I read in the paper, the Terre Haute Square Donut business basically feels they have first dibs. They've been around longer and their square donuts are what they're famous for throughout Indiana. So much so, Hoosiers tend to assume any square donut must be made by Square Donuts of Terre Haute, therefore it's misleading to the public for someone else to also be selling "square donuts."
Not to mention the name "Square Donuts of Terre Haute" is trademark registered at both State and Federal levels.

The Convenience chain, on the other hand, feels they ought to be able to simply share use of the name. No harm, no foul.

And so, the matter is yet unsettled, raging on, waiting for a final decision of some Court, like pinball bouncing around the machine until it falls down a hole.
And since I'm back in Florida, I don't have the fun of reading about it everyday.

What's the buzz in the news where you live?

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Wednesday, April 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: All Kinds of Iris!

I'm going to be a Guest Blogger next month at Katherine's Corner
It's something I've never done before. The series I'll be Guest Blogging for is called "Between the Lines," and features women bloggers all over the age of 50!  The interview questions & posts will be centered around what it's like getting into blogging as an older person and what we're blogging about.
  My post will be featured on Tuesday, May 10th!
And here's the best of this week's batch of "Between the Lines" posts:
To read the full interviews of this weeks participants, go here!

For today's Garden Pics, I've created a collage of all 3 kinds of Iris that are currently blooming in my garden:
Being in Florida, I've learned certain Iris like this climate and perform magnificently! 

Yellow Flag Iris:
This one likes bogs and the edges of watery places. Very tall greenery, 30 to 36 inches high. Mine are in my rain garden and any place that bogs up during rain. 
Has roots & thick narrow tubers that spread  underground. Easy to divide & move.

Louisiana Iris
This one is new last year. They bloom the 2nd year after planting. I have two colors: this violet and another so deeply solid purple it's close to black. They're drought tolerant, but also enjoy bogs, so perfect for a rain garden!
A root based Iris, they will naturalize.

Siberian Iris
I have row border of these in my front bed. They are a deep, dark blue. I have them because I like blue flowers!
It's a root based Iris with a clumping habit and short greenery. It spreads outward in a roughly circular clump.
Easy to divide and move.

So, these are all my beauties!
Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow & do check out the blog series on Katherine's Corner!