Thursday, October 16

Mama Kat Thursday: TV Shows I'd Like Back

The Mama Kat prompt topic this week is: "My list 6 retired TVshows I'd like to see come back (as good as before)."

Before I get into my list, let me qualify that I want these shows back as good as they were the first time, under the following conditions: 
 * Without making them risque & sleazy, like so many modern shows & comedies are.
 * Without adding a bunch of extra foul language.
 * And I want them to high caliber, well-written, good family hour story telling on network television.

With that said, here's my list:

#1)  The A-Team: 
But like it was with lots campy of action that didn't really kill anyone, a sense of humor and an ability to escape any situation while helping people out of a jam.
 Of course, George Peppard will remain irreplaceable.

#2)  Airwolf: 
But like it was in the first 2 seasons: helping people with lots of just plain adventure flying around in a secret, impossibly fast combat helicopter

#3)  Some kind of new, good Star Trek story:
(emphasis on "good")

#4) McGyver:
But like it was with a clean-cut, eco-minded guy who hates guns and can save the day with just what he finds under your kitchen sink.

#5)  Murder She Wrote:  But like it was with an older, classy lady mystery author with excellent taste in clothing, solving murder mysteries that she gets drawn into through friends & relatives.

#6)  Bonanza or some kind of western.
There hasn't been a good family friendly western on network TV in a coon's age. TV used to be thick with westerns.

I guess I'm way old school in my selection of shows. I would've suggested "The Dick Van Dyke Show," but I simply don't believe modern television remotely able to reproduce that show as cleanly or with as much honest humor as the original. 
So what retired TV shows would you like to see back?

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Wednesday, October 15

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red Rose In Sunlight

Greetings!  Another fine October day! It's getting into that nice fall-ish weather that, here in north Florida, ranges from 60 at night to 70's or 80's during the day with next to no humidity--great for doing all that fall yard clean up!
 I finished mowing the back yard today, which included policing up a bunch of pine cones and branches thrown around by a recent rain storm. Then spread the mowing mulch around various beds and especially stacking it around new shrubs in back.
I'd done the front yesterday, so today's work polished off the lawn mowing, which conveniently vacuums up all the pine needles.
I don't like to rake---ever tried raking up the long southern type pine needles?

Today's Pic of the Day is a shot I took this afternoon of my rose topiary against banana trees and late-day sun.

We spent all day this past Saturday at the Pirates of the Sea Festival in Panana City Beach, Florida, from about 2:30 pm until after the Fireworks at 8:30 pm.
We went dressed as pirates, of course, and it was a great day of relaxing, frivolous fun.
This event is held at Pier Park annually, which is like an outdoor mall that stretches from the main highway on the north to the highway that runs along the Gulf to the south. It's massive. It's beautifully landscaped, and, just off from the center is an extensive array of amusement rides. It's the only mall I know of locally with it's own amusement park.
For the Festival, traffic is cordoned off from the middle round- about circle to the beach highway, so it's free for walking, various bits of entertainment and parade use.
The middle round-about is called "town center" and a band stand is set up there and a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator hosts the event. It was a rather warm day, so he abandoned his long pants & pirate boots for knee-length tan Bermuda shorts and sisal rope sandals. Someone mentioned this and he replied, "Resort wear, mate."
We watched a "pirate battle" in which defenders of the town & a band of pirates faced-off for the "keys to the city."
Jack Sparrow is captured along with the town mayor, who get put in a cage-float until Jack gives up the "keys to the city," and the Mayor can be released.
There was a magic show on the band-stand, hosted by a rather good local magician, then a pirate band from Nashville that actually plays pirate-themed music, called "Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers," came on.
(You can look them up on Facebook & maybe Amazon.)
 They were good with the crowd, with lots of sing-along songs and hand-clapping. We bought one of their CD's and had the whole band autograph it. That was cool.
At 5:30 we found a seat on the curb to watch the parade, which features floats of various sorts loaded with Pirates throwing bright colored Mardi-Gras bead necklaces at the crowds.
Last year, I collected a neck full, since that was my first experience with it. Once was enough.
This time, I didn't keep any, except two hot pink ones. What was fun, however, is the lady and her husband sitting on the curb next to us were from Atlanta, staying at a local condo and just lucked into coming to this pirate festival. She'd never had Mardi-Gras beads thrown at her before either and she collected a massive neck full, enough to topple her little self over, plus more wrapped around her forearms like bracelets. 
You can always tell the first-timers at the bead throws--they're coated. Most of what we caught, we passed to her or other people around us.
Then another band was on the band stand to entertain until fireworks time, then we watched the fireworks. It's the only fireworks display I like to go to.
After that, we drove home listening to our new pirate music and that was our day.

Tuesday, October 14

Polyvore Tuesday: Raphael & Red Challenger

Today I have for you my next car-themed Ninja Turtle set featuring Raphael with a modern Challenger in his favorite color: Red!
I figured he wouldn't want a car he had to work on all the time, so he'd go for a current model.

Raphael Red Challenger

The actor who portrayed Raphael was Alan Ritchson.
Alan Ritchson
I was recentlywatching a interview by him on You Tube about his role in the TMNT film, then suddenly noticed my home town associated with his name---that's when I suddenly remembered who he was!
Alan graduated from Niceville High School, right here in my town of Niceville, Florida.
 He's a military brat--his Dad is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and the family settled in  our area when Alan was 10.
I learned this after first seeing him as Aquaman on Smallville, which resulted in a huge write-up in the local paper on "local boy who's made good."
He also was in the first Hunger Games and he's a songwriter/singer with an album out. Alan is married with two children. I'm sure they quietly sneak back here to visit the folks with the grand-kids whenever that can. 
On being the Raphael Ninja Turtle role, I read that he said he was constantly spinning those Sai in his hands, so they'd to look correct when he handled them on-screen.
Also, the studio used Alan's actual voice for Raphael and that's him you're hearing. No voice-overs. 

Each Turtle's eyes roughly reflected their individual actors eyes:

Alan  as himself & as Raphael

Friday, October 10

Friday Finds: 2015 Calenders!

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, now is the time to start considering ordering your 2015 Zazzle Calenders!

First an inspirational nature calender with Bible scripture on each page created by one of my friends from my Google+ Zazzle community, Blair at his store Digitalbcon Images Design.
Look in Office Products, then in Calenders to see his full Calender selection!

Here's my own newest Calendar design for 2015:
This calender is themed on flowers colors with each month a
different color, such as blue or red, etc.
In my store, BevStuff, I also
have an inspirational flower calender with Bible scripture on each page, called, "Flowers of Praise."
And because I'm a huge fan of classic American muscle cars,
here's a 2015 Muscle Car Calender, one of many calendars and car art available at Going Faster!

Or perhaps you have your own photos you'd like to load onto a calendar?

Have a great weekend! 
Us?  We'll be off to the Pirates of the High Seas Festival at Pier Parkin Panama City Beach, Florida this weekend!
Arrrg, it will be a good time!
Next post will be Tuesday because of the holiday!

Thursday, October 9

Mama Kat Thursday: Teased

Today's Mama Kat blog prompt topics is:
"Share a time when you were teased."

When I was in grade school, I
I didn't quite know how to cope with other kids and I certainly wasn't prepared for any of the mind games little girls play on each other.
We lived way out in the country and I was the oldest with mostly just my parents to talk to until I entered first grade.
I was least prepared for the "exclusion game."  There were a couple girls I hung out with in the school yard during recess everyday in either first or second grade, when out of the blue one day, they just suddenly decided to turn into "mean girls" and pretend not to know me.
Giving me the cold-shoulder, they walked away whispering and casting catty back glances at me. I was completely confused by this and didn't understand what I'd done. It hurt my feelings a lot, but, luckily, only happened that one time.
It wasn't like a daily event.
Fortunately, my grade school days were spent very pleasantly in a country school yard at least 2 or 3 acres in size. There was deep grass in back to sit in under shade trees and red clover in a sandy area at the far end beyond the baseball diamonds to explore plus marvelous canvas-seat swings, a huge slide, teeter-totters and a merry-go-round. 
We used play the chase game called, "Easter Eggs," against the school house wall or jump-rope, though I'd usually just offer to turn the rope since I didn't have the I didn't have the skill-set to run into it and jump. I loved all the jump rope songs like "Blue Bells," and "K.I.S.S.I.N.G."  I recall drawing hop-scotch grids on the pavement and playing Red Rover enough times to learn to avoid it as it's terribly hard on the wrists.
Over-all, recess in grade school was a good time and remembering the fun times helps keep the one bad event in perspective.
Those girls were some of the same bunch of friends who told me whoppers all the time, such as the story of the Case Of The Invisible Boy.

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Wednesday, October 8

Garden Pic Wednesday: Fall Mums & Marigolds!

Today's accomplished garden projects include: planting 9 baby broccoli, planting the last of my Romaine lettuce seeds, planting 5 Hyacinth bulbs, so in the spring I'll have 6 instead of just 1; planting baby Easter Lily Bulbs. 
It was funny---I had a Easter Lilly in my large pot garden out front, but at end of season, I found a just dead stem with a deposit of about a dozen round, green infant bulbs around it, scattered on top of the soil.
 I collected them and saved them for planting--which I did today.
I put them around a pine tree in the woodsy area in back.
 Easter Lily's are great for naturalizing & spread by side-shoot roots as well as bulbs. They can take over a bed over a period of years.

Today's Garden Pics are Fall themed Mums & Marigolds:
First, Mums:
I recently bought these at Walmart and planted them along the front wall, because the ones I planted lasted fall have had a hard year and weren't looking so good.
I like how the sunlight was on these this morning when I took the shot:

Next: Marigolds & Red Fountain Grass: 
This pot garden is in my front bed:

I need to put out my electric pumpkin soon and the look will be complete!\
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Tuesday, October 7

Polyvore Tuesday: Donatello & Classic Purple Camero

For Dontello, as part of my Turtle theme-color collection of car sets, I selected a late 60's model classic purple Camero.
love classic muscle cars, particularly if they're restored to original. 
I figure Donnie could handle the maintenance a classic such as this would require, since he built the whole Shellraiser vehicle he was driving in the movie. So not just a computer nerd, Donnie is apparently also quite the mechanic and no doubt a fair electrician & plumber, since who else is going wire up all the Lair's lights? Or plumb bathroom & drinking water resources from the plentiful underground piping?
And considering all the stuff built from pallets in the Lair--not bad with a hammer either.
Classic Camero in Donatello Purple

Did you wonder why they put glasses on Donnie in the movie?
This has had mixed fan reaction, so I did my best to run down the reasoning. The bottom line is this: Peter Laird, one of the creators of the TMNT comics, apparently willed it so. He wanted movie Donnie to be near-sighted.
Besides, Donnie's glasses have sort of grown on me as complimentary to his shy & socially inept, yet super-genius character. 

Which leads to another question: where does Donnie get corrective lenses?
It's not like he can go to an eye doctor.
According to Nickelodeon's official description of movie Donnie, "he learned how to grind his own lenses by watching every glass-making video on the Internet, of which there are 3."
 From there, he invented those fancy biometric goggles, which feed him info on every person or thing he comes in contact with. They also monitor his vitals, like heart rate, and his anxiety levels.
 So, it's no stretch of the imagination then, that he uses his bio-metric goggles to figure out what he needs in the way of eye glass correction, grinds the lenses & inserts them in his frames himself. Viola. 

Money flow is another question:
 Buying enough Pizza Hut Pizza to feed 4 burly teenagers wouldn't come cheap! Not to mention 15 year old teenage boys, even if they are Turtles, eat like both legs are hallow!
 Plus they've got like a dozen cases of orange & grape Crush on the floor near their frig, they apparently buy "Frosted Pop Tarts" (which Donnie licks the frosting off of) and Donnie specifically said, after figuring out the code to stop Shredder's plan, that they be eating Italian for dinner "on him." Nickelodeon also notes that the Turtles order their pizza from various fav places.
Well, I ran down an indicator of an answer in Nickelodeon's official description for movie Donnie:
It said, "he builds computers, writes his own code and is currently seeking financing for his new start up."
Bingo. Donnie, at least for some years now, has had some kind of on-line business going on that's providing a cash flow. And nowadays, with a Pay Pal account, you can pretty much order and pay for just about anything remotely, like Pizza or groceries or even take-out from an Italian restaurant, and just have it delivered--a thing especially common & easy in New York. All they'd need is a specific above ground drop off point where the delivered item could be left for them to retrieve. No face to face contact required.
(I even googled for Manhattan on online grocery shopping with delivery and, yup, it can be done, easy as pie.)

As for when they were young, before Donnie got a business going, I can't say exactly how they might've paid for pizza, but really, a resourceful Ninja Turtle could probably find whole, still warm, relatively fresh pizza's in boxes in dumpsters behind pizza places, free. Even secured dumpsters wouldn't stop a Ninja.
Literally tons of still usable food is being discarded in this country by grocery stores, fast-food chains & restaurants all the time.
We used to know a couple guys who used to dumpster dive for aluminium cans for recycling cash and they were always looking in dumpsters. One night they looked in dumpster behind a popular local chain pizza delivery place and discovered loads of still warm boxes of whole pizzas, right on top, in easy reach. They didn't take any, but told us about it because they found it sooo astonishing.


The Turtles apparently love Pizza Hut Pizza.
What about you? Who's your go-to fav pizza for home delivery?