Tuesday, May 26

Polyvore Tuesday: Jurassic World!

In honor of Jurassic World's upcoming release, Polyvore is having an in-house contest called "Get Ready For Jurassic World!"
That seemed fun, so I did a set today featuring a promo-photo of Chris Pratt with one of his trained Raptors with a girl's outfit suited to working with him as an assistant trainer with a jungle background!

 Assistant Raptor Trainer

Assistant Raptor Trainer by madamdreamweaver

Did you like any of the Jurassic Park movies? 
I always liked the first one with Sam Neil best. It had the most suspense and greatest surprise, being a new idea. The subsequent 2 films seemed under par.

I have a hard time believing one big dinosaur is smart enough to recognize and hunt down a particular set of people persistently for 2 hours of film.  It seems to me they'd be more likely to forget about them once out of sight, so I guess it doesn't suspend my sense of reality in that sense.
This new film still has the giant monster dinosaur chasing people because the Jurassic genetic scientists never got Jeff Goldbloom's wise words from the first film: Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should."
This Jurassic Park, however, is not some abandoned science experiment. This  time it's been open and running like a successful Dinosaur Disneyland for 10 years. Chris Pratt apparently works there as a Raptor trainer and performer, maybe doing a show for guests.
In any case, the monster they shouldn't have created gets lose.
This much I've gleaned from the previews.
We also saw the movie "Tomorrowland," this past weekend. It starts off a tiny bit slow, but then turns into a pretty engaging adventure. It has a "we can fix the world if we work together," message.
The film is based on Disney's Tomorrowland Park, which, in my opinion, was Tomorrowland when it was built in the late 50's, then rebuilt in 1967.
But now it's 2015. And, for the most part, it's still back in that 1967.
So what if they added a Buzz Lightyear game-ride to an existing building or can Find Nemo? How are either of those really futuristic in concept? How do they go beyond where we are now?
It's time their visionary engineers to envision a 22nd Century "Tomorrowland!"
Disney World, at least, because they have such extensive property, could and should shut Tomorrowland down & do an overhaul! How about trying to make it look like the cool city they envisioned in the Tomorrowland movie!

Because as it is, it's just the same old Tomorrow it was yesterday.
What about Disney's Parks do you think need updating?
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Friday, May 22

Fridays Finds: Patriotic Shirts!

With Memorial Day comes thoughts of remembering the many who've sacrificed much to serve our country.
So I thought it appropriate to feature a couple of patriotic shirt designs!

Also good for Independence Day!
First,  A Patriotic Shirt I Just Designed Tonight:
If you visit my store you'll see this same flag design on my "Patriotic" category folder--that's how I came up with it!
Available on men's, women's or kids styles in any color!

Next Another Beautiful Freedom Isn't Free Flag Design:
Available on women's, men's & kids styles!

And A Pretty Cool Patriotic Eagle Shirt!

Interested in more? Visit Zazzle's Patriotic Shirt Shop where's there's patriotic shirts galore, both serious and funny!
Details about what's on sale is at the top of every Zazzle page!
That's it for today! 
Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend and see you Tuesday!

Thursday, May 21

Mama Kat Thursday: Definition By Photo

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is:
 "Define goodness...joy...sorrow and anger using pictures you have taken.
Quite the challenge--considering most of my photography is to do with my garden. Hard to find anger in a garden.
However, I managed. I chose pictures, then illustrated the emotions or character attributes with Bible verses.
I think the bee is my favorite!

(This grass area is only barren because it's next to my neighbors weed-infested yard and I pulled the weedy grass that was spreading onto my side up. I have plugs of grass I added from edging beds getting established here.)
That's it for today! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blackberries & Purple Finch!

Because for tomorrow's Mama Kat I'll be doing the "illustrate emotions with photos," prompt, which will involve flower pictures, I'm not using any flower pictures today!
So for today's Garden Pics I have a nice shot of my Blackberries, which haven't turned "black" yet and also a Purple Finch!

The Promise of Blackberries:
These are a thornless hybrid breed of blackberry with an upright habit. They get around 5 feet tall, so I have to keep them tied to tall stakes. I have around 9 stakes worth with 2 to 3 stems on each.
They propagate themselves easily by root underground, so I'm always having to dig up and move little sprouts, which is how I get so many. 
My plan for these once I harvest them all: blackberry jam.

The Beautiful Purple Finch:
I captured this photo in Alabama actually, in March on the way to Indiana. This was in front the motel, where a small flock of them were flitting among the trees.
 A sparrow sized bird, they look like they've been dipped in raspberry juice, so more of a rosy tinge, then actual purple. The males are rosy colored all over.
They're regulars at my feeder and I enjoy seeing them. 

That's it for today! Stop back for more pictures tomorrow for Mama Kat!

Tuesday, May 19

Polyvore Tuesday: A & F Getaway Outift

Today I walked around all the beds, fertilizing with liquid fertilizer in a watering can & planted some Black-Eyed Susan's I sprouted from last years seed.  They may reach bloom this season, but then will winter over and bloom again next year.
I only have one blooming in my front bed this year and this is it's second season.

Today's Polyvore set is a contest set for a contest sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch themed on attire for a getaway vacation.
A lot of people do beach scenery. Since I live on the Gulf and already have all the beach I can stand, I did something else.
I like Disney World, if I'm going to getaway. It's only 7 hours away by car.
In any case, the Navy outfit is clip-art provided by A & F. To go with it I picked a hat (since Orlando is sunny all year round) a navy print scarf with orange trim and colorful ankle-tie espadrilles that are flat for walking.
I applied a photo frame effect to all the pictures and added a camera along with some background print.
Five winners will be chosen, which is better odds out 3000 entries, then just a single winner. 
Even so, beauty is in the eye of the beholding judges from A & F.

The A&F Summer Getaway Giveaway: Contest Entry

The A&F Summer Getaway Giveaway: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

If you could go anywhere & money was no object, what would be your fantasy getaway location?
That's it for today! Come back for Garden Pics tomorrow!