Wednesday, October 29

Garden Pic Wednesday: Mini-me Box Turtle

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is a "mini-me" Box Turtle I saw just sitting on the block wall on Monday as Hubby and I were walking up the walk after coming home from the Fitness Center.
He's sitting in my Hubby's hands, all of 2 inches in size!
Such big eyes!

Baby Box Turtle

We released him in the back yard. Boxies are territorial--maybe he'll stay.
Today's other projects: Move the Houseplants Inside!
It will be getting down into the 40's this weekend at night!
All my houseplants happily spend spring & summer outside.
This year though, one of the variegated Spider plants died. So I have one pot with a bushy Spider plant hanging in the kitchen and one that has just a few Spider babies in it.
I hang a Dracaena plant in the guest bath and I have a Silver Arrowhead in the master bath, though, I must say, that Arrowhead was in pitiful shape and had to have a complete re-potting. Both it and the one Spider plant will need to re-grow.

My Christmas Cactus & Aloe in New Pots:
I actually re-potted these several months ago and they've been outside, but them inside today. They're sitting in front of the kitchen window.
 The Christmas Cactus is starting to form buds as it typically does at this time of year. It's a mix of red & white. Hopefully both will bloom this year!

Christmas Cactus & Aloe

Other News:
We paid off our house this spring and now that we have to pay our home insurance, we're 
going through a process of re-evaluating our coverage. Our insurance company suggested a inspection
that could reduce our premium, so today we had a guy come by to do that. Basically, they're looking for hurricane sturdiness. He said our house was really in good shape.  So that's good.

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Tuesday, October 28

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Donatello Art Set

Today begins a new set of art poster themed Ninja Turtle Sets, starting off with Donatello. 
Each will feature a movie Ninja Turtle character along with more assorted trivia related to either characters or movie.
I Got You Brother/Donatello

I wanted to create some general height & weight stats for each movie Ninja Turtle for this art set of posts---which is no small challenge, since there are none. Well, one. At the official "Meet The Turtles" movie site, I found a single height stat given for Donatello and only Donatello. 
That said Donnie's height stat is 6 foot 8 inches tall. 
 He's basketball player tall!
That offered a starting place for estimating the other Turtles heights (the elevator) and once I had rough height estimates, then I could figure a weight based on their builds.
 I examined the real stats of real athletes that seemed comparable to each Turtles height & build to get a starting body weight, then added in a minimum estimate of 45 lbs to cover shell weight of both back and front.
(I figured it couldn't be less then 40 lbs, but more then 50 lbs might be too  much, so that's how I settled on 45.)

Nickname: Donnie, Don or just D.
Age: 15
Height: 6' 8" (80 inches)
Weight: a slim 260 to 270 lbs (including shell)
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Tone:  A tad lighter green then Raph or Leo, but darker then  Mikey.
IQ: Genius level, between 150 to 170 (Einstein was 160)
Personality Quirks: High-strung & prone to nervousness/anxiety; shy & socially awkward; enjoys research & reading; tends to be slightly obsessive-compulsive in the sense he can be fussy about order & accuracy and fixates on a problem he wants to solve until it's solved. Doesn't share his feelings much and, being an introvert, enjoys hours working alone in his lab, away from the bros.
Hobbies: Enjoys memorizing computer code, even out-dated computer languages, such as INTERCAL, and is an all-around inventor, scientist, chemist, mechanic, hacker and general computer nerd. He even invented a vegan pepperoni alternative in his lab for his brothers to try out--which everyone, except Mikey, liked better then regular pepperoni.
(This personality info compiled from various official Nickelodeon sources and/or TMNT movie sources, except the weight estimate and the introvert enjoying time alone bit, but common knowledge about introverts.)
Jeremy Howard
On screen, Donatello was portrayed by actor Jeremy Howard, who is himself 6 foot 4. (Click his name to see his Premiere TMNT Interview on You Tube.)
 A native of California, he was born in Burbank in 1981.
He's best known for Galaxy Quest, How the Grinch Stole Christmas & TMNT.

He did train extensively using the Bo Staff and his actual voice is the one they used for Donatello on film.

Jeremy's eyes & his eyes as Donatello

Monday, October 27

Good Eating Monday: Crispy Smashed Red Potatoes

Greetings!  It's the last week of October!
What will you be doing for Halloween? 
 I think I'll dress as a pirate and wait to see if any little matey's come to my door trick or treating. Hubby will be up on base with other guys from our Bible Study passing out bags of candy that include Airmen Center cards and pens.

Today's Good Eating recipe is one I haven't tried yet, but now that it's cooling down and baking in the oven is more appealing, I'm looking forward to trying it!  This recipe is from Pinterest:

Crispy Smashed Red Potatoes

 #1) Boil a selection of small red potatoes  in water with salt added until they're cooked through and fork tender. (red have thin skins and cook quickly, making them ideal for this.)

#2) Oil spray or drizzle a cookie sheet with olive oil. Then drain and let cool 10 minutes. Arrange potatoes on cookie sheet in rows, smashing each with bottom of a glass to flatten somewhat.

#3)  Brush tops of smashed potatoes with olive oil or melted butter. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and Rosemary, dried or fresh snipped
(Or use a seasoning of your preference.)

#4)  Bake in a 450 degree over for 20 to 25 minutes until golden, crispy & sizzling. 
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

Friday, October 24

Friday Finds: Artisan Abigail

Today I'm featuring one of my Zazzle community friends, 
She has an etching style of design and her goal is to create, "sweet, whimsical & lovable designs for the world!"

Below are some design category samples with links that will take you to her store to peruse those categories personally and see designs you like on assorted products:

Cat design categories include Black Cats, Maine Coon Cats, Illustrated Cats, Cat Drinking Milk & Sleeping Cats

Abigail's "Cupcake" designs are adorable!
Food categories includes Cupcakes, Strawberries, Apples & Gingerbread Cookies!

Design in both  Panda & Polar Bears!

Flower categories include: Cherry Blossoms, Poppies,
Roses, Tulips, Sunflowers & Hydrangeas.

Other Design options at Artisan Abigail's store:
Puppies, Fox, Sailboats, Winter, Motivational Sayings,
Dinosaurs, Elephants, Toys, Lighthouses, Clovers, Horses,
Sports, Beach, Seashells, Flamingos and much more!
So if you're looking for something unique, do stop her shop!
Enjoy & Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 23

Mama Kat Thursday: Pinterest Garden Fails

The Mama Kat prompt topic this week is: "Share something you tried inspired by Pinterest---was it a win or a fail?"

My most recent Pinterest recipe win:"Sausage/Pepper Spaghetti Squash." You can view that recipe here on my Good Eating Monday post.

I also have 3 garden solutions that were Pinterest fails this year:

#1) The Cornmeal Weed Fix Fail:
The Original Caption read,
"Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for seeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. Of course, cornmeal will keep any seed from germinating, so don’t try this on your vegetable garden until your plants are established and you’ve finished planting seeds."

The result: Nothing. It didn't work. It wasn't very good birth control for weeds after all. It, however, did kill some plants I planted much later in that bed I put the cornmeal on, but that was long, long after the application. Better to use cornmeal for making cornbread.

#2) The Baking Soda Weed Fix Fail:
This wasn't exactly the Pinterest pin I read, but I read a similar one that said someone, "Edged their flower beds with a sprinkle of baking soda to keep weeds and grass out and that they did that twice a year with great effectiveness."
So I tried a whole box of baking soda sprinkled over my gravel parking spot that was overgrown with all kinds of weeds.

Result: Nothing. I also tried a sprinkle around a bed, but heavy rain washed it into the bed practically killing off all my Shamrocks! Baking soda can be a little dangerous that way. I don't recommend it for weed control.

The Orange Peel Semi-Fail:
I tried this. And I think it is mildly effective as long as the orange peel is fresh enough to give off odor, but in the Florida heat, the peels dried out fairly quickly. I realized I'd have to be putting out fresh orange peel about every 10 days and I just don't eat that many oranges. It's kind of an expensive cure if you don't eat oranges by the bag full. I really wanted it to work on squirrels, but it didn't.

Result: Not effective enough long term or cheap enough to be worth the effort. Smells nice, though. 
What was the last thing from Pinterest You tried?
Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, October 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: Pineapple Sage Bloom

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is a nice shot of my Pineapple Sage that has just recently come into bloom!
Here in north Florida it blooms now and through-out winter.
I still have a Hummingbird or two visiting my feeder, so they might yet get to enjoy these!

For more on growing Pineapple Sage and a couple recipes for using it, you can visit this older post: Herb Savvy with Pineapple Sage.

For Bible Study on base last night I made M&M Blondies with peanut butter & peanut M&M's. (I had 1/2 a bag of each.)
Such a delicious recipe! 
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Tuesday, October 21

Polvyore Tuesday: Leonardo & Blue Mustang

Today, my final car themed Ninja Turtle set, this one being a modern Ford Mustang in Leonardo blue!
Like Raph, I don't think Leo would prefer a car he'd have to work on all the time.
Leonardo Blue Mustang

Leonardo was portrayed by Pete Ploszek.
Pete Ploszek
(You can click on his name above for a You Tube link to him talking about his role as Leonardo and hear his actual voice.)
But they didn't use his actual voice on film.  Johnny Knoxville was hired to voice-over for Leonardo instead.
I looked and looked for an explanation, but found no particular reason specified. All I found out is the Turtle actors were only guaranteed the physical acting job; not necessarily their voice use, though the actors portraying Donnie, Raph & Mikey were lucky enough to have their real voices left in.

So I'm left to making a couple guesses for why the Leo voice-over:
#1) Maybe Nickelodeon wanted their movie Turtles to have a voice tone somewhat similar to the voices of their Ninja Turtle cartoon characters.
#2) Or maybe they wanted each Turtle to have a voice so distinctive, the audience could easily identify which Turtle was speaking just by sound and Pete's voice wasn't different enough from the other actors voices to do that, in their opinion.
But, like I said, those are just guesses.
Of course, Pete said all the lines while acting the part, then Johnny's voice was looped in later.
Pete is originally from Illnois and he and his wife presently live in Los Angeles. He's has a Master of Fine Arts in Acting.

Pete's eyes &  his eyes as Leonardo