Tuesday, March 24

Polyvore Tuesday: Pop Art Fashion

Today's Polyvore set is for a sponsored contest by the upscale consignment dot-com company, The Real-Real.
The theme was "Pop Art Prints." I found this color-block lips print dress among Polyvore's fashion clip-art and themed the design &  colors around it.

Spring Trends With The RealReal: Contest Entry

Spring Trends With The RealReal: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver 

There was a top 40 hit song in the early 70's called "Pucker Power." (At least that was the chorus, if not the actual title.)
Does anyone remember the band that performed it?

I remember it being broadcast over the loud-speaker at 4-H camp along with Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond during the same era.
I'm taking a spring-break from posting. Next post will be Tuesday, April 7th!

Monday, March 23

Good Eating Monday: Chocolate Eclair Refrigerator Cake!

 If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know we've had quite the adventure dealing with my 22 year old car!
It wasn't fixable, so we donated it to Good Will and brought home a new Kia Soul to replace it. This was something we were planning on anyway later this year, but my car quitting just moved that plan up a few months!
It drives nice, is roomy interior, seat and steering column are fully adjustable & has great driving visibility all around!  It's dark silver.

Today's Good Eating Recipe is Chocolate Eclair Refrigerator Cake!
(It can also be called "Pie," but since it's in a 9 x 13 pan, it's really a graham cracker layer cake!)
With warming temperatures this is makes a great easy no-bake dessert for any occasion!
Be sure you make this a day in advance, because it needs to sit in the frig over-night!

Chocolate Eclair Refrigerator Cake:

1 Box Honey Graham Crackers
1 Large Box Vanilla Instant Pudding
3 Cups Milk  
1 8oz Container Whipped Topping
1 Can Ready-Made Chocolate Frosting 
In bowl combine pudding with milk & stir until thickened. Fold in 8 oz of whipped topping. Layer a 9 x 13 pan with graham crackers.
Put 1/2 of pudding mix over top & spread. Layer with another layer of graham crackers. Top with remaining pudding mix & spread. Top with a final layer of graham crackers, then spread this top layer of crackers with frosting.  Refrigerator overnight. Cut & serve.
You'll have ready-made frosting left-over, since this cake won't need the whole canister. Just buy extra grahams & make chocolate graham-cracker layer cookies cookies with the left over frosting...
...make a smaller quantity of your own frosting with 1 to 1 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar, 1 Tbsp cocoa powder, plus enough additional Tbsp of water to make it the thickness you want. (You can also replace some of the water with a little melted butter & a tad of vanilla for a richer frosting!)
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

New Link On Link List:
Support Parkinson's & Rescue Cats!
Friends James & Catherine care for 19 rescued cats. Catherine has Parkinson's dystonia for 9 years and James cares for her. They have on-line stores to earn a living. Plus a "Go Fund Me" site to help with expenses for the kitties. So, check the link for more details!

Thursday, March 19

Mama Kat Thursday: Fired!

Today's Mama Kat blog writing prompt is "Write a blog post inspired by the word: Fired!"

I suppose everyone has been fired from a job at least once in their lives. 
There's no easy way to go through it. It's pretty much a slap in the face.
The first time I was fired was from a job I had right after Hubby and I were married. He was still active-duty in the Air Force then and we were living in an apartment complex in Maryland that just happened to have a Day Care Center right in the center. 
There was another young Air Force wife living in the same apartment complex that I was acquainted with and after she got a job at the Day Care Center, she helped me get one there, too.

Now working in the Day Care business was never my ambition. I had no fondness for small children. Yet, at the time, I was interested in earning a little income and I could walk there, so why not?
So, I got hired at the Day Care.

As a child-care facilities go, it was okay. However the woman who ran the place (and, I think, owned it) had all the personality of sand-paper, though she was quite expert at sweetly kissing-up to all the parents of all the precious little prodigies we cared for. Not to mention her teenage son worked there as well and he was an arrogant piece of work, too.

The owner/manager worked the under 3 tot room in front; I and my friend worked the pre-school/kindergarten age room in the middle; and the teenage son arrived after school to entertain the after-school age kids in the back section.

Here's the thing that got me fired: we had a bulletin board in our room that was supposed to be decorated with seasonal themes.
I had decorated it.
The manager/owner walked in, looked at it, then made a sarcastic remark regarding how the board looked with a little laugh, which I naturally took as a joke. 
I had no idea that her sarcasm was actually meant as a serious communication to say she hated my board decoration and really wanted it completely redone! Her sarcastic remark just didn't equal that!
Needless to say, that manager took great offense in my apparent "disregard" of her directive and I was promptly fired for "disrespect."
 I rushed back to our apartment in tears, both hurt, yet relieved to be free of that job! Child-care definitely wasn't my thing and the people I worked for were detestable, so it was definitely good riddance to bad rubbish!
As a result of that experience, though, I can't stand sarcasm being used for as a cover for real communication. I don't do it and I don't want it done to me.
Fortunately, a few months after that firing, we moved out of the apartment complex and into base-housing, where I ended up getting a wonderful job at the base Arts & Crafts Center, which was much more up my alley! 
So, what's your story?
Note: This event occurred in 1983, 32 years ago. I held the Arts & Crafts Center job until 1985, when the Air Force moved us to Florida.

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Wednesday, March 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Bluebird & Mini-Daffodils!

The bird-feeder traffic has finally slowed down now that the Goldfinches & Palm Warblers have moved on to their nesting/residence zones further north. Florida is just their winter vacation area.
I still have Chipping Sparrows, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Purple Finches & Nuthatches visiting the feeder.
All sorts of woodpeckers live here year round, too: Downy, Red-headed, Red-bellied & Pilated. I heard some Pilated Woodpeckers in the woods across the road the other day; they have a distinctive call.
A couple days ago I captured this shot of a male Bluebird sitting on the hook above the feeder!

The Mrs. was with him, on the ground closer to my patio. The female has the same white & tan breast, but is otherwise dun colored with only blue tail feathers & wing edges.
The pair are nesting somewhere on the block. I haven't looked into a Bluebird nesting box yet, though I'd like to.

Today's flower pic is my miniature Daffodils blooming in the back woodsy area:

I love these. They looks so perky mingled among the larger Daffodils!
There are many varieties and colors of Daffodils, so if you're going in for planting them, do mingle varieties!

Last, a shot my Japanese Privets I worked so hard on earlier last week (before wasps got to nesting in them)!

There are different ways for hedging these. You can see I keep the legs bare on the front pair. This allows for planting flowers and things under them. The pair further back hide the A/C unit, so I hedge them in the traditional rectangular style.
You can also see my bare Hosta bed, since they aren't awake yet.

Yesterday I finished trimming the last pair of Pampas Grass & also planted Melon & Zucchini seeds, which are both small garden-bush type plants. The tomatoes are also in the ground.
That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

Tuesday, March 17

Polyvore Tuesday: Decorate With Cats!

The saga of my car is over. Final analysis: it can't be repaired. The problem is neither the battery nor the alternator, but something in the electrical system. 
Fortunately, we already had plans to replace it this year & funds in place to do so. I had wanted to wait till the end of the year, because I was reluctant to part with my beloved 22 year old Saturn Coupe, but she changed those plans. It was a very reliable and despite her age, never stranded me any place ever. If she had a problem, it always happened in our driveway.
Hubby and a local Kia salesman hit off a friendship during the purchase of his car 3 years ago and he's had the what we wanted just waiting in his file for the go ahead.
  So, by the end of this week I'll be the proud owner of a new 6-speed Kia Soul!
Pep Boys charged us nothing; not even for the tow. (Kind of them.) And we arranged with Good Will to pick it up from Pep Boys lot on Friday. (Good Will will take non-working cars, which I didn't know.)

Today's Polyvore set is one I recently did for an interior design contest themed on "Decorating with Cats."

The Look-Decorate w/Cats

My guest room is actually decorated with a cat theme, though not black & teal!  It has cat curtains, a cat wall border, a framed cat jigsaw puzzle and numerous other cat touches!
Time to fix dinner!
Check back for tomorrows Garden Pics!