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Garden Pic Wednesday: Good Year For Azaleas!

 Yesterday, I had lunch with an Air Force Chaplain who was really good friends with my husband. The Chaplain was deployed at the time Dave died, but has since returned and reached out for a lunch chat. He's reassigning in a couple weeks elsewhere, but gave me the number for a different Chaplain Dave and I had known quite well in the past, but had lost touch with. So, I'm glad to be reconnected with that Chaplain & his wife once more! I spent 2 hours at the local T-Mobile office which is close by now here where I live, because I was having HUGE problems with Sprint billing because T-Mobile owns Sprint. Unfortunately, they allow them to operate separately. Some bug in the Sprint system was rejecting every avenue I tried. I find T-Mobile oh-so-much more friendly & helpful. We resolved the problem by paying Sprint off and switching me to T-Mobile. It didn't cost anything to do and I ended up in a plan nearly like the one I'd had with Sprint that was, in fact, about 

Garden Pic Wednesday: Setting Sun Yellow Flag Iris

  Hello----I've been away from blogging for awhile, but I feel ready to at least blog about my garden and flowers. Things in life happen and daily life can be suddenly and radically altered. Mine was. Hubby died unexpectedly in December.  On the up side, my schedule is entirely my own now. I have plenty of uninterrupted time to work on my flower beds and garden. Being spring, I've begun working from bed to bed, weeding out the borders around each. I'm still working on the front beds and today I cleaned up one of the two beds with an unruly Pampas Grass. I trimmed off it's grass skirt around the bottom. Tomorrow or the next day, the other bed with an unruly Pampas gets trimmed. I also have a luncheon with my old friends from yoga class tomorrow at a favorite local Mexican restaurant. Todays Garden Pics are a couple of nice of late day shots of my yellow Flag Iris in the glowing rays of the setting sun: