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Mama Kat Thursday: If I Could Have Any Holiday Celebration...

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing todays asks, "What would you do to celebrate the holidays if you could do anything you wanted without money or time constraints?" I live in Florida and Disney World is about 7 hours away by car plus a 1 hour time change. (If you didn't know, the Panhandle is Central Time, thank goodness, while the main Peninsula of Florida is Eastern.)  Disney World is decorated for the Christmas season by early November and if I could celebrate the holidays any way I wished, I'd book a room at the Shades of Green Resort, which is for all military & DOD personnel.  I'd book for like Thursday through Monday night in early November or early December.  (Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas are normally already all booked up.) The Shades has wonderful food: a daily buffet of different themes: Asian, American, Mexican, etc. Also a wonderful breakfast buffet where you can have a omelet made-to-order. Because we're seniors without kids, the pa

Garden Pic Wednesday: Veggies & Bees

 I haven't posted much this past couple weeks because stuff has been going on.  Hubby has been sick. He's in the hospital right now, since yesterday morning. It's pneumonia. He's in our local military hospital here and getting excellent care. Visitation isn't allowed nowadays, which is a bummer, but that's how it is. I spoke with him on the phone this morning and he's in good spirits. This evening I just sent one of our military friends over there to the ER to deliver Hubby his cell phone & charger. They'll send a staff member downstairs to get it from him and deliver it to my Hubby in his room. That's what the nursing station suggested. So hopefully that will work. Prayers for his full and speedy recovery are welcome. So I'm home alone for Thanksgiving. I got a pre-cooked turkey and fixin's from the local grocery today, so I can have some delicious tasting food over the next few days without having to actually worry about grocery shoppin

Mama Kat Thursday: Worst Inspection Ever--Jose Sarduy

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing today I'm shortening to a "video I recently enjoyed," since I really don't watch many videos. I more then enjoyed this video, I laughed till I cried.  It's hilarious! Hubby watches Dry Bar Comedy vids, which specialized in  clean comedy and he showed me this one with Jose Sarduy (sar-dooy), who is an Air Force Academy grad and currently is an Air Force Lt. Colonel pilot in the Reserves, who also just happens to be a fantastic comedic story-teller. Since we're both veteran Air Force, Hubby and I get the Air Force Academy. We get room inspections.  I suppose some might not know that much about military academies--just think of them as college on steroids. Imagine combining the toughest science and engineering college with all the worst aspects of any military Basic Training multiplied by 5 and you've got the picture of military academy.  In this video, Jose recalls his "worst" Air Force Academy Inspection. You mig

Garden Pic Wednesday: Fall Garden & Flowers

  I was planting daylilies today. They were a replacement order. There were five in the first order, one being red, but it bloomed and showed itself to be pink. So I chatted with the online company and they re-sent the whole set of 5 daylillies. Hopefully, the red is red this time in this batch. Today's Garden Pics are a couple garden shots & freshly blooming Gerber Daisies! Sweet Potatoes: Container Patio Sweet Peas: Just taken today: A burst of bloom from one of my Gerbers out front! They actually like blooming this time of year in Florida.

Mama Kat Thursday: Surprise Birthday Back-Fire!

 Today's Mama Kat prompt is to write about, "a time you did something sneaky." Once upon a time, we had two guys in our military singles Bible Study group named Rod and Bruce. They were room-mates in a house off-base. Rod's 26th birthday was coming up and Bruce got the brain-storm to throw Rod a surprise birthday party. His plan was to distract Rod and get him away from the house by suggesting to Rod that they go to some Chinese restaurant to eat, but it would be a Chinese restaurant he "couldn't quite remember the location of," so they'd be out driving around while we set up the surprise party at Rod's house. We brought cake and blew up balloons. There was about a dozen of us. As a gag, Bruce had also suggested we might all put on some article of Rod's clothing, so we raided his closet for hats, ties, jackets and so on. Then we sat down to wait in the living room, lights off, prepared to leap up with "Surprise!" They were only supp

Garden Pic Wednesday: Shades of Autumn

Today's Garden Pictures: Pretty fall colors in a front bed where I have Pink Vi ncas and Large gold Marigolds decorating the space around a cable box and an electric pole!  Red Salvia and Golden Creeping Jenny in the container.  Just took this photo a few minutes before posting. The sun angle starts getting really pretty around 3pm here. My Cardinal Basil out by the mailbox: It's huge now. And top heavy. Beautiful. Loved by bees. I had to stick the metal stand I hang my plastic owl on out in front of it to tie it to, so it wouldn't fall over!