Mama Kat Thursday: Surprise Birthday Back-Fire!

 Today's Mama Kat prompt is to write about, "a time you did something sneaky."

Once upon a time, we had two guys in our military singles Bible Study group named Rod and Bruce. They were room-mates in a house off-base. Rod's 26th birthday was coming up and Bruce got the brain-storm to throw Rod a surprise birthday party.
His plan was to distract Rod and get him away from the house by suggesting to Rod that they go to some Chinese restaurant to eat, but it would be a Chinese restaurant he "couldn't quite remember the location of," so they'd be out driving around while we set up the surprise party at Rod's house.
We brought cake and blew up balloons. There was about a dozen of us. As a gag, Bruce had also suggested we might all put on some article of Rod's clothing, so we raided his closet for hats, ties, jackets and so on.
Then we sat down to wait in the living room, lights off, prepared to leap up with "Surprise!"
They were only supposed to be gone about 30 minutes.
Well, time passed. A lot of time. It was 1992, long before cell phones, so we had no way to find out what happened.
Over two hours passed. We were bored out of our socks, waiting. I think we'd even had pizza delivered and that was now cold.
Finally, we heard them pull up and Rod and Bruce walked in the door. 
We jumped up and yelled, "Surprise!" as we were supposed to. 
And Rod was certainly surprised--but not about the fact that we were there, since he knew by then, but by the fact we were all outfitted in pieces of his clothing, like a bad costume party!
As we celebrated and ate cake, Bruce regaled us with what happened:
He'd just meant to get Rod to drive around a little bit in the local area, looking some alleged Chinese restaurant, then when they couldn't find it, get him to drive back home. So they drove around stopping at this and that Chinese place, since there are many around, and  Bruce kept telling him each one "wasn't the right one."
Rod plied him with questions about what the restaurant looked like, trying to solve the problem and Bruce replied with various random, made-up details. 
Unfortunately, some of those fake details struck a familiar cord with Rod and he suddenly said, "Oh, I know where it is!" then drove 45 minutes all the way around the Air Force base to the other side, there he knew of an actual Chinese restaurant he'd been to before that "sounded" like the right one.
Bruce was actually horrified, knowing we were back there waiting, but he didn't know how to stop him without giving the surprise away.
They arrived at the Chinese restaurant and Rod was determined to go inside and get a table, because he was hungry. Bruce had no choice then but to confess there a birthday party waiting for Rod back at his house.
Rod now had to drive 45 minutes back to his house, quite annoyed with Bruce for "making him miss his own birthday party."
We all rolled with laughter, listening to his tale and, in the end, it was a fine and memorable birthday celebration! 
It only goes to prove being sneaky can back-fire!

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(photo from Pixabay)


John Holton said…
Oh, that's funny! Especially the part where Rod suddenly pops up with "Oh, I know that restaurant!"
Abby said…
HA! All that, and he ends up knowing about the "surprise".
Patty said…

I think the best part of any surprise is the twisted road involved with all the planning...and stories like this, after the big event!

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