Mama Kat Thursday: Something I Wasted Time On

The title is the Mama Kat topic I chose today, "Share something you don't realize you're wasting time on until you've spent an hour doing it."
The last time I spent a lot of time trying to accomplishing something that proved a waste of time was a crochet project.

I was trying a new pattern. 
I have a simple afghan booklet with 3  afghan patterns. I've only made one of the three and I know the pattern works well, but I had some yarn I'd just bought on sale and wanted to try one of the others.
I decided on the "Ripple Afghan," pattern which has a up-down zig-zag design involving just two alternating rows of crochet stitch. The first row was a straight row of tripe-crochet stitches. The second row of triple crochet with a decrease stitch worked into that would from the hump of every zig-zag. The two rows were to be repeated over and over until the proper size was reached. i I'd done 8 rows when I realized my ripple afghan was getting narrower and na…

Garden Pic Wednesday: Cheers to Spring!

Today's Garden Pic is a lovely shot of one of my Cheers Daffodils! They've been fruitful and multiplied, so I have a bunches of them blooming along the back of the house and in containers up front. A snipped several stems and brought them in to put in a vase. They have such a delightful, light powdery fragrance!

Other garden projects I did today, despite it being cloudy, was laying in some of the Castle wall blocks that used to line the edges of the veggie bed in short rows of 3-blocks wide to form a walk-way between the new raised garden beds. Then I planted seeds in my in-ground clay pots: more red sorrell, spinach and container peas and radish seeds in front of each clay pot. Radishes are easy and fun to grow. They're delicious roasted or baked. Not just for salads.

Good Eating Tuesday: Garlic Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Back in December we pretty stopped eating bread--like sandwiches, grocery store bread, etc---mostly. Sometimes, I'll have a half-sandwich at Panera on whole grain bread or I'll eat bread if I've made it myself, usually to go with spaghetti or something.
I've only made bread 3 times since December and today's Pinterest recipe I tried for Garlic Rosemary Foccaccia Bread is the 3rd.

It was the best bread I've ever made! It was fantastic. Flavorful. Easy. It's kind of a flatish bread baked in a 10 x 13 pan. I stirred it up by hand, though an electric mixer with a bread hook can be used if you have one. (It's not a bread machine recipe) The recipe source recommended a mix of 1 1/4 cups bread flour and 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour. Mine was a mix of wheat bread flour and unbleached all purpose flour, but she was right--- mixing them does make a good good bread! Also she had a cool technique for proofing (rising) the bread in a dryer---first you run your dryer 5 mi…

Mama Kat Thursday: Something I Was Thinking About

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing today is a post on, "Something I Was Thinking About."
Actually I was thinking about canning---the preservation of food in glass jars. In our local paper, a particular chiropractor includes a fly-sheet ad for his business and, the funny thing is, back in the mid-90's I did a little work cleaning houses and I used to clean that chiropractor's house every other week. They had a vacuum in the closet I'd use and I remember the upper shelf was loaded with quart jars of canned tomato chunks---but I observed they weren't very well done. The tomatoes were floating high in the jar with 2 inches of liquid beneath. I remember thinking, "Those are tomatoes are really badly canned." 
I could think that because I know what a well-done canned anything ought to look like---growing up in Indiana, we had a huge garden and Mother canned tomatoes, beans, beets, jams, jellies, peaches, tomato sauces, homemade chili sauce, pumpkin---everythin…

Garden Pic Wednesday: Pink Coneflower!

I picked up a cold last week. Over it now. Dave may have it---though, with him it's hard to separate cold symptoms from allergy.  This cold virus seems a combo chest/head cold thing. 
I saw a flock of Robins land in my back yard yesterday and spend some time picking the ground for insects. They pass through here migrating North again for spring---that means it's Spring is on it's way!
Today's Garden Pic is this Pink Coneflower just outside my front door. I took this picture last week, around 4 pm when the last rays of sun were hitting it.  It actually started putting up this bloom head back in December and opened early in January, bringing cheer to the winter drab. More blooms have since popped up. This location is particularly warm, since it gets Southern sun all day. Plus, here in North  Florida, Coneflowers, don't actually die back; their greenery persists thru winter ignoring even the few freezes we've had. 

Good Eating Tuesday: Lunch This Week

Something we had for lunch this week:  Egg combined with turkey spam, spinach, mushrooms. red onion & cheese plus Italian seasoning.

Kind of a sloppy Turkey Spam Omelet

It was yum.

Garden Pic Wednesday: Birds & Garden

It started out sunny this morning, but my 9 am was starting to get cloudy, but still pleasant enough to work outside for a couple hours. I've been saving cardboard specifically to put down in the back woodsy bed for weed control and worked on that today. The area is thick with leaf debris, so I raked it out, lay down the card board, then mulched the rakings with the mower and dumped it back over the cardboard. Only got half the area done. Will work on the rest another day. My presence disturbs my the birdies that want to visit the feeder. They sit in nearby trees just waiting for me to walk away so they can get at it! I'd pick up a couple rakes and walk to the garage and when I came back for the mower, several birdie guests were on the feeder and were so determined to eat they didn't rush off. So I paused about a dozen feet away to watch them,  since it was a rare moment to see them close enough to identify who's who.  I've had a  pair of very yellow birds visiting the…