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For Sunni: A Celebration of Life Video Tribute

Our cat Sunni, died last week. 15 Nov 2019. She was about 2 when we adopted her and was 19 1/2 when she passed, so we had around 17 1/2 years with her. To celebrate her life with us, I put together this video featuring lovely photos of her over the years enjoying all her favorite things! I'm sorry I didn't end up with any photos of just me with her; just of her with Dave. That's because I was usually home alone when she was sitting on me. Every afternoon she'd call me to come either come play with her, when she was young, or ask to sit with me and be brushed, when she was older. She was a sweet companion in our lives whom we greatly miss. For the story of how we adopted her, go   here . ******* Grief is always journey. Sometimes it helps to share it with those who've also lost. For that, I participated in a Candlelight Tribute for any and all pets who've "crossed the rainbow bridge." It's held in a chatroom you c

Garden Pic Wednesday: November Blooms

There was an early freeze this year, but that freeze didn't effect everything. Mostly just the Vinca & Saliva, which often come back from the roots. In full color right now: This row of button cushion mums under my kitchen window I planted around the beginning of Oct. And this handsome pink Gerber in my front bed:

Good Eating Tuesday: Disney World Eats

We had a conference in Orlando we recently returned from and since it was next door to Disney World, we took a couple extra days to visit various parks.  In particular, we visited the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge that's in the Hollywood Studio's park. I think that was my favorite. It really had an other worldly feel and Chewbacca, Rey, various Resistance Fighters and Storm Troopers were in the area role-playing, like a Resistance Fighter suddenly dashed out of hiding through the crowd to evade a pair of Storm Troopers patrolling or Chewie and a Resistance soldier repairing a X-Wing Fighter and so on.  They did not pose for "character shots" or anything; just were doing theme ambiance. But, despite rumors to the contrary, there is some really good food in the Disney World Parks and today I'm going to share some of the best eats we tried while there! The Black Spire Outpost in Galaxy's Edge: It had a cute little eatery in the " "outpost