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Garden Pic Wednesday: Sunlit Native Daylily

  Today's Garden Pic is a pretty Native Daylily sunlit by the last rays of the setting sun. In other news, I'm looking into replacing my rain gutters. The first company I called, the owner said " he'd shoot me a text before he came on Wednesday," but when 4 o'clock rolled around, I texted to ask if he was still planning on coming? His answer was to tell me about his daughter being sick and about having to stay home with his son and that he was super busy and said, I quote, "he didn't need me to be there to hold his hand while he looked at the gutters." I was like, "What?" I didn't quite know what to make of that. It seemed a little personal and not very professional. A professional reply would've been, "I've had some expected things come up today---can I reschedule?" I tried to be gracious, telling him I was sorry to hear all that; that I was just trying learn what to expect and that, being retired, I was generally

Garden Pic Wednesday: Early Summer Blooms!

This is the time of year when my Florida garden explodes into bloom---Easter lilies everywhere! Climbing Roses, Hydrangeas, Blue Agapanthus, Shasta Daisies, Gardenias---everything all at once! Today's Garden Pic is a shot of Climbing Red Roses, a 4 O'clock getting ready to bloom & a Easter Lily!   I was home to Indiana last week---where I still needed long sleeves & pants because May in Indiana is still pretty cool. I was able to see my sisters and my nephews & niece. We were gathered for a Celebration of Life for our Mom who died last October and we put her ash box in the mausoleum next to Dad's coffin.  It was a good visit.  It was nearly midnight when my friend dropped me off back at the house after the airport and I saw my Gardenia there by the driveway was thick with white blossoms and it's allspice-like fragrance hung heavy on the night air mingled with the fragrance of dozens of Easter lilies. It was nice to come home to.

Garden Pic Wednesday: Garden Blues

I flew down and visited friends in Orlando a week ago. It was a nice getaway and got to know them a whole lot better. This week for Garden Pics, I'm featuring some "Blues." I collect flowers that bloom blue because they are uncommon. Bloomed earlier this spring: Portuguese Squill    Blooming now: Blue Clematis It's sort of a soft lavenderish-blue. I bought it for this color and because it's smaller stature for a clematis (5 feet), but my soil is acidy, so it was much more violet last year. So I watered it often last fall with water with baking soda and also added some lime--so this year, it's more the proper light blue color!