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Mama Kat Prompt: My Favorite Childhood Hero

     Time again for Mama Kat's Weekly Blog Writers Prompt! This week I've chosen suggestion #5: Write about one of your childhood heroes.      Set your time machine once again for way back, back to the year 1966. I'm 10 years old and watching a brand new weekly television series called "Batman." Yes, that campy comic do-gooder played by Adam West and his faithful side-kick, Robin, played by Burt Ward. I loved that show and watched it faithfully every week, same Bat time, same Bat channel, since the show always ended with my hero's caught in some hideous death trap. To re-watch an episode now, well, it's pretty cheesy---but back then, to my 10 year old mind, those dire situations were real and my hero's were actually in trouble!      That sense of reality is probably one of the strongest things I recall about the show and how seriously I viewed the Dynamic Duo's cliff-hangers. I know the show appealed to me because I longed for a hero&

Mama Kat Prompt: A Breakfast Scene

For this weeks Mama's Kat's Writing Prompt Challenge and your reading pleasure I chose prompt idea #4: "Describe the scene at breakfast."      Time travel back 29 years. My husband and I are still newlyweds and I'm standing in the kitchen of our first apartment making breakfast. It's sort of a long, narrow kitchen with a sink, stove and refrigerator lined up along one wall leaving room across from them for a small table and two chairs,so we can eat right there, rather then in the other room at the larger dining table.       I'm at the stove diligently making breakfast, the sort of breakfast I remember my Mother making for our family oh-so-many-times. I'd already fried up the bacon and now cracked two eggs into the bacon grease, carefully spooning the hot liquid over them to close the yolks. I was making eggs over-easy. It was the only kind of eggs my family ate, therefore, to my mind, it was the only way to fry an egg.      Dishing up, I

Write on Edge Prompt: Nineteen Hours to Ankara

This is for the "Write On Edge" Writers Prompt for this week:   the challenge was to pick an event or instance from your life and give it a title and write a tag line for it, like a title and tag line for a book. So here's my title and tag for an event in my life. Nineteen Hours to Ankara      Stranded in Istanbul, her connecting flight canceled, a huge suitcase in hand and no way to contact anyone, Adele was trapped with two Turkish businessmen determined to escort her all the way to her destination by train---but could she really trust them?         Only the name is fiction. The rest is true. Quite a complicated situation and no cell phones back then.    Life is full of adventures.

A Startling Surprise

It's time for Mama Kat's Writing Prompt and today the topic is, " Describe a time you felt startled." At first I drew a blank. I've certainly been startled many times, but my goal with this blog is to write about pleasant, uplifting things and I wasn't going to retell any of the horrible startling moments that first came to mind. Trying to think of a good one while laying in bed, I prayed that the Lord bring one to mind, since He can easily locate mental files I've forgotten which cabinet I put them in, and He popped a really good one! It happened about 20 years ago. My husband had been sent on an 18 month assignment to Turkey that year and my plan was to visit him for a few weeks over Christmas. The price for a round trip flight was $1200.00, which I knew I could put on our credit card, but the debt of it concerned me.  Our house was brand new then, we'd only moved in a few months before Dave got the assignment. So I wouldn't be alone while he

Blue Roses

"Can I get blue roses?" was probably the most often asked question at the flower shop where I worked for 17 years as a floral designer. And the answer is, "No."  Fresh, real roses do not come in blue. Even those with names like, "Bluebird," are lavenderish and not blue. If you want roses in blue you're going to have to pay a visit to your local silk flower retailer. Below are two photos of real roses classed as "Lavender" colored from a florist shop web page. You can see "lavender" in roses varies from more pinkish to more lavenderish. Roses classed as "purple," generally run to the maroon side as a natural color. (If you see roses that actually look purple the color has probably been artificially applied someway---and I don't recommend painting---it's stinky and only effects the outer surface.) The pinker rose to the left called "Ocean Song Lavender" and the one on the right was unnamed, but h

Mama Kat Prompt: Who Would I Cast To Be Us?

If your life were being turned into a movie...who would play your cast of characters? What a fascinating question! What actors would I pick to play myself and my husband if our lives were going to be made into a film? Actually, I knew immediately! Then I started thinking about what sort of movie it would be. A comedy, of course!  But also it would be an inspirational movie in the same class as "Courageous" and "Facing the Giants."  It would be about a husband and wife team, who work for Campus Crusade or Intervarsity on some small Midwestern college campus. This is their life and they're good at what they do and they've been doing ministry on this campus many years, so they're in their late 40's. And because they have no children themselves they've had the freedom to be fully devoted to the campus kids whom they consider like family. They have a public location on campus for a weekly Bible study, do many activities and meals for the kids in the