Garden Pic Wednesday: Veggies & Bees

 I haven't posted much this past couple weeks because stuff has been going on.
 Hubby has been sick. He's in the hospital right now, since yesterday morning. It's pneumonia. He's in our local military hospital here and getting excellent care. Visitation isn't allowed nowadays, which is a bummer, but that's how it is.
I spoke with him on the phone this morning and he's in good spirits. This evening I just sent one of our military friends over there to the ER to deliver Hubby his cell phone & charger. They'll send a staff member downstairs to get it from him and deliver it to my Hubby in his room. That's what the nursing station suggested.
So hopefully that will work. Prayers for his full and speedy recovery are welcome.

So I'm home alone for Thanksgiving. I got a pre-cooked turkey and fixin's from the local grocery today, so I can have some delicious tasting food over the next few days without having to actually worry about grocery shopping. I decided to start Thanksgiving early and enjoy a nice meal tonight, so it's in oven now heating up.
Tomorrow I plan on watching Comet's all day Star Trek movies and decorating the house for Christmas. 

Today's Garden Pics:

My Bell Pepper:
Now that's it's fall, it's really flourishing---big and busy and loaded with peppers. It's in my raised bed. Weather is still pleasant for gardens here in Florida, but I have clear yard trash bags and can put one over it to keep it going through the colder temps. I've wintered Bells over this way before. The stem on this is like a little tree.

My Roma Tomatoes:
New growth flourished from old stems of the plant I planted back in spring and now drape over the raised garden to the ground. Lot's to green tomatoes in there. If a freeze is threatened, I'll just pick them and let them ripen inside.

Honeybees flocking on the Hummingbird feeder:
I noticed a couple honeybees drinking what was left of the Hummingbird sugar-water and refilled the feeder with fresh and one of them went back and informed the hive and pretty soon I had a flock of honeybees. (You know they do a dance telling other bees about food locations?)
For honeybees, the sugar water needs to be 1:1. One cup of water with one cup of sugar.
It's never been so popular since those first couple days, but they still visit. 
Hubby and I were outside this past weekend for a little fresh air for him and actually saw a Hummingbird visit. No bees were around. I was really surprised, since Hummers usually have left for Mexico by now, but Hubby was pleased. He loves Hummingbirds!


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