Wednesday, January 29

Garden Pic Wednesday: Ice Garden

This morning, this is what my yard looked like: 
This may look like snow, but it's not. It's ice crystals.
(That's garlic)
Below, the cabbage in my garden: 
It is, of course, unaffected.
My Hen & Chicks in their strawberry pot:
And icicles on the gutter, even tiny ones, is an rare occurrence I've never seen here in the 28 years I've lived on the Florida Panhandle!
I did have a little blue ceramic cat in my large front pot garden---well, he exploded overnight. His face is gone and his left ear blew off. 
 Now I have to find some other cute bit of yard art to replace  him.
It was so cold outside my fingers would start hurting within minutes of going outside with my camera between 8:30 and 9 a.m. and I'd have to go in to warm up before going back out for more shots.
Ice can insulate, though. Local farmers spray strawberry fields and orange orchards with water when there is danger of a freeze so a layer of ice will protect the crop.
 I'll have to see what makes it and what doesn't.
Plus the ground there isn't actually frozen. Just lightly coated.
Yesterday, t
he Air Force base sent all non-essential personnel home at 2 pm to report back for work at noon on Thursday. (It was Wednesday, but then with every bridge and overpass frozen solid and no hope of melting till Thursday, local authorities closed most all and encouraged everyone to stay home.)
I saw on the evening news, lots people we're taking advantage of every slick hill and hilly road for sledding, though!
That's today's excitement--stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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