Monday, April 21

Good Eating Monday: Freezer Favorites!

Greetings! Another week of April!
My back yard has turned into a marsh! It's because we've had some heavy rains about once a week without adequate break between for the ground to dry out. I was working back there today, digging grass out of my projected rain garden area. I was slogging around in a mud pie.
 I really need galoshes or rubber garden shoes.

I saw a funny thing this evening as I looked out at the bird feeder. It's got a grill around the feeder in the middle to keep squirrels out. Larger birds won't fit--generally. But I saw Mr. Red Cardinal was sooo determined to get to the that primo seed, he wedged himself right through the bars to enjoy it! I sat watching through the back door to see if he could get out okay and he did.
Smart bird.

We're looking forward to the new Spiderman--lots of humor in it and we like this actor playing the part. Hated the other guy.
We saw "Heaven Is Real."  Greg Kinnear did an excellent job. It's a very enjoyable film. I read the book before hand. The facts of what the child saw are the same in both book and movie, but the movie has been made more dramatic and faith-questioning for a theater venue.

For today's Good Eating I have my must-try freezer favorites to share:
 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers: Honey Roasted Sweet Corn:
This is roasted corn trimmed off the cob, mixed with bell peppers and touched with honey!
It's soooo good! Just heat in the mircowave!
(contains about 3 servings if you like a healthy portion)

When it comes to potatoes, though, I wouldn't recommend either Green Giant Seasoned Steamer roast potatoes or Mediterreanan veggie.
I'd call them just okay.

But if you want really GOOD frozen roast potatoes then go with:
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Chef's Favorites Lightly Sauced Roasted Red Potatoes!

These are delicious! We often buy them to have with Rotisserie chicken for an easy-fix dinner after grocery shopping!
For us it's perfect portions, since 1 bag serves 2 people.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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