Wednesday, January 21

Garden Pic Wednesday: Project, Turtles, Parsley!

Today is quite springy--almost warm and my back yard is suddenly filled with birds! Cardinals, Doves & Jays. Plus I just filled the squirrel-proof feeder with fresh, sunflower-seed heavy wild bird food, so Chipping Sparrows, Chickadees and even a Nuthatch are darting in to grab a seed!
I saw a Hummingbird stop by the Hummingbird feeder, too--much to my surprise.  I don't usually see them so early, but then I don't always have a feed still relatively full of nectar hanging out there!
It was old nectar. Since October. So I quickly made up a batch of fresh nectar, cleaned the feeder and refilled it.
Though, I don't think birds really have taste buds.

I want to work outside, though I'm giving them a chance to enjoy the fresh food a bit first, because my presence will disturb them once I do go out, since my project area is near the feeder.
The photo below is my current project: walling in my veggie garden space and raising the dirt level.

Next: a shot of 3 Florida Red-Bellied Cooters sunning on a log at the pond down the road from where I live. 
Just took this photo yesterday. They are fresh water/river turtles that live on water vegetation and enjoy sunning themselves.
I'm always seeing a pile of them on this log as we drive by.

The can range in size up to 15 inches. They are members of the same family as the Red-Earred Sliders, which you can buy in pet stores.
This pond has houses edging it all around, except on the road-end, which is where I was standing taking my photographs. I got a half-dozen shots, when suddenly all 3 turtles flipped off into the water, quick as a wink because a guy from the closest house came out to sit on his dock for a smoke just then and scared them off.
Luckily, I got all the shots I desired before then. 

Last: a nice close-up of Curly Parsley I have in a pot on my back patio:
It thrives all winter here. Even our recent hard frost didn't bother it.
In the deep south, both Parsley & Cilantro are excellent herbs to plant in fall pots, since they don't mind the cool winter temps. 

Tomorrow is Mama Kat Thursday--so check back!
And--because Valentines, which is a major rose buying holiday is coming up---on Friday I'll be posting an advice article about "Choosing & Caring for Vased Roses," based on my many years experience as a floral designer. 
So, you'll want to stop back for that, too!
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