Wednesday, November 4

Friday Finds: Basil & Stonecrop

I have two Garden Pics for you today! That's to make up for not posting a Garden Pic next week!
Hubby and I are having a week off! Yay! 
It will be good to have a break in the routine! :)

Today's Garden Pics are some Basil & some pretty Chinese Stonecrop! 

First up: An Interesting Looking Basil:
I guess you could call it "Red Rubin, Jr." I grew Red Rubin Basil last year, which is a purple breed of Basil, and this variegated specimen was the what grew from the seed I saved.  I'm not sure what happened. But it is so very pretty in the container near my front door. 

Next: A Pretty Shot of Some Chinese Stonecrop Sedum:
This is such a pretty and extremely durable succulent. Plus any bit of it that touches soil will grow a new one! Easy to put every where and anywhere! This particular stonecrop fills a old metal canister that says "coffee" on it, like from flour-sugar-and-so-on canister set. It sit's out front under the Aspen tree, adjacent to a double clay-pot that also holds hens & chicks.
The angle of sun on this day was particularly pretty!

That's it for today!  Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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