Thursday, June 30

Mama Kat Thursday: What's Better?

The Mama Kat challenge today is, "What's better? Being a kid or an adult? List 10 reasons for your choice."

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When I was a kid, getting to be "grown-up" seemed optimal. Now that I'm a grown-up, I see many advantages of being a kid I didn't fully appreciate at the time:

1)  Less to worry about. The biggest worry I had as a kid was whether or not I was liked well enough for someone to want to trade papers with me. It seemed huge then, but, looking back, it was trivial. I just didn't have the judgement to know it.

2)  I didn't have to earn money. My whole profession was going to school and learning stuff for free.

3)  Related to earning no money is having no bills.

4)  Being a kid was a life with minimal demands. I did have a few household chores to be responsible for, such as changing my bed or helping hang laundry outside and taking turns washing dishes with my sisters, but really my time was my own the majority of the time.

5)   Meals were provided. I didn't have to figure out groceries or what to cook every night. 

6)  I had a freedom of creativity. I could draw, paint, sew, do crafty things whenever I wanted.

7)  If I did have a need to purchase something, money was provided without interest.

8)  I didn't have to be anything. As a grown-up, there's always some role expectation to fill. I'm a wife. Or I'm an employee. Or something to be pigeon-holed with.

9)  I could still dream about what I might become.

10)  I felt safe. The decade I grew up was not a time when people worried about predators grabbing their kids or having their cars ransacked because they were left unlocked or getting bullied on social media. 
I wouldn't want to be a kid now. 
I also wouldn't want to go back to being kid unless I could take my adult wisdom with me. It's cost too much to gain to simply throw away.
What about you?

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Due to it being a holiday on Monday, next post will be Garden Pic Wednesday! Have a safe and fun American Independence Day weekend!


Carol said...

I agree that being a kid has great advantages. #9 is still on my list. Even though I've realized many goals and dreams... I'm still dreaming! I don't think you are ever too old to dream, to learn, to explore... Life is so good!

Mama Kat said...

This is a great list. Kids really do have it so good. Feeling safe, no worries, no major responsibilities...and yet life still felt kind of hard back then. We didn't fully appreciate how good we had it!

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