Wednesday, October 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: Sweat Bee Photo Bomb

Today's Garden Pic is of a Day Lily I'd never seen bloom before---a lovely peach & yellow blossom! 
A funny little sweat bee "photo bombed" this shot! 
The reason I'd never seen it before was it was previously planted in an overly shady area in the front bed and I moved it to a sunnier spot and--ta-da!
So pretty. 

Today, I also thinned out my Baby Romaine, moving a bunch into an area in the veggie bed I dug up adequate for two rows. Plus I left some in the original row. I must have 75.
It doesn't get as big in a home veggie bed here as you see in a store.
Many vegetables grown from seed should be spread out after the second set of leaves appear, including lettuces.
This is called, "thinning."

My Plumbago shrub is coming in to full bloom right now--hopefully I'll have pictures to show next week!
That's it for today! Check back for Mama Kat fun tomorrow!

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