Wednesday, December 14

Garden Pic Wednesday: December Salvia & Petunias!

Today is my Birthday! 
Coincidentally, tonight, Dec 14, 2016, will be a "Winter Moon"---the last full of moon of the year!
We'll be going to a favorite local Greek restaurant for friends to celebrate! When we arrived, I had a huge surprise waiting! Hubby and my friend, Megan, had plotted to decorate the table at the restaurant with helium birthday balloons, little tiny hair-clip birthday hats, a birthday pin for me to wear and birthday confetti down the middle of the table! Plus a decorated sheet cake!
The restaurant very graciously supported all this. 
It made for a marvelous birthday celebration!

For today's Garden Pic I have a December photo of my container garden on the back patio of Red Salvia, Purple Petunias & young Curly Parsley.
I can see it out the back door, though a Christmas tree is currently blocking the view a little.
This petunia is on it's 2nd winter. It was looking a little rough after the long summer heat, but has, since perked up for a nice winter show! 
Parsley loves the winter here, too. You can see basil blossoms in the background in another pot.

Be sure and stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat tomorrow!


Susan Joy Clark said...

Beautiful colors. :)

Mary Norton said...

Have a fun day and enjoy your dinner out.

Diana Davis said...

Happy birthday, dear friend. Every one is precious, I especially understand. Big hug and special prayer for you and hubby.

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