Wednesday, December 28

Garden Pic Wednesday: Winter Color!

Florida winter isn't without it's color. The Cypress turns orange and oaks turn russet, dotting the evergreen landscape with autumn color. 

Today's Pic: 
The lavender Mexican Heather and purple Spiderwort blooming together in a front border!
In afternoons, when it's warmest, I see honey bees enjoying the Mexican Heather, which is a small shrub.
A hard freeze will kill it's the outer branches, which I'll then need to trim off, but until then, it's happily blooming!
Spiderwort is an edible weed, which you can read about in a previous post here.
 (I have yet to try using it's leaves or blossoms in anything.)

That's it for today! Stop back to see what's up for Friday Finds!

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