Thursday, April 5

Funny Story: Live Long and Prosper

    Here's a funny story. First let me set the stage: back when the most recent Star Trek film came out, Cheerios promoted it by offering an old TV series uniform style s-shirt for a box top and a few $. Dave chose the gold "Captain Kirk" style. And it's not just a Hanes shirt. It's actually a fine quality knit in the command gold color with a black collar and triangular Star Fleet emblem on the front.

    So yesterday, he decided to wear it. He completely forgot that it was Wednesday and every Wednesday afternoon there's a Chapel Staff meeting he attends. Just so you get the picture: the Chapel staff here is made up of about 5 Chaplains (officers) and about a half dozen Chaplain Assistants (enlisted airmen, sergeants, etc.), the civilian admin staff (mostly ladies) and a few other people, including my husband, who is the Singles Coordinator. They meet in a large multi-purpose room at the Chapel which has U-shape arrangement of rectangular folding tables and folding chairs set up there for meetings.

    My husband said he walked in, sat down and thought nothing of it. Pretty soon he noticed a couple of the Chaplain assistants snickering and whispering and when he looked, one of them held his hand up in a Vulcan greeting. This alerted everyone else to notice his shirt. Pretty soon some other giggling Chaplain assistants on the other side also gave him a Vulcan salute. (That's an open hand with the fingers spread in a V-shape that means "Live long and prosper.")  He said the head Chaplain called him "Captain." It was a joke through-out the meeting.

     He was telling me this over dinner last night and I had my head on the table, I was laughing so much! It was sooo funny. Fortunately, my husband isn't shy nor embarrassed by anything and took it all in good fun. I think he really made their day!

Test Your Trekker Trivia: What's the story behind this Vulcan greeting?
Where did the idea come from?
(The "eat pizza" reference is a joke from my Star Trek Club days.)

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