Thursday, October 24

Mama Kat Thursday: Halloween Memories

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is:
"What was your favorite candy? Share what Halloween was like for
you as a child." 

I've mentioned before I grew up in rural Indiana. Not a farm, mind you. Heavy forest. I can't even see my old house for the trees on the Google satellite map, they're so thick.
We lived along a state road with a speed limit of 55.
The land around us was hilly and rolling with homes scattered rather far apart and there were no side walks. 

We did Jack O' Lanterns every year, but they weren't visible from the road. Only the rare parent who happened to drive their kids up our driveway to knock on our door saw them and that was rare.
That's how trick or treating was done in our neck of the woods: hop in the car and drive to various neighbors. Mostly everyone just trick or treated at peoples houses they knew.
This was the late 60's and early 70's and there wasn't any agreed upon signal, like a lit porch light, to let trick or treater's know where they were welcome.
Also the scare over apples with razor blades was fresh news and so was the warning to only accept packaged candy.
 Gone were the days of getting apples or home-made cookies and popcorn balls in your treat bag.

I remember we drove down to the house just passed ours at the bottom of the hill and that couple had the coolest teeny-tiny paper bags arranged on a tray, each filled with a mix of candies like chocoate mini-bars, Tootsie rolls, Boston Baked Bean candy, Tootsie Roll Pops, Kraft caramels, Milkduds and that sort of thing. Maybe a roll of Smarties, which I despised. My preferred candy of choice was always chocolate-- not gooey, chewy chocolate, like Tootsie Rolls or chocolate covered caramel, like Milkduds. I didn't  like junk that stuck to my teeth and glued my jaws together.
 I liked candy bar chocolate. I was a connoisseur.
Forget the candy corn. 
Just give me the good stuff.

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