Thursday, April 17

Mama Kat Prompt: The New Ceramic Cat

Today's Mama Kat topic is:  
"Something I bought this month that I love."

I really love the various pieces of "garden art" I have scattered throughout my various flower beds and pots.. About 3 years ago I happened upon a blue and white ceramic cat at a thrift shop that I just absolutely fell in love with. I had to have him and he became the central star of my large front pot garden.
He wintered over fine out there before, but this year it was unusually cold and I didn't realize my little ceramic cat had a solid clay face. Temps here in northwest Florida dropped to 16 degrees and my treasured ceramic cat's face blew off! His ear, too.
I just loved him too much to discard and
super-glued him back together, kept him in the garage until spring, then put him back in his special spot. 
Even so, I felt I should keep my eyes peeled for a replacement,  though I didn't expect a ceramic cat suited to yard art that's neither larger nor smaller then 5 or 6 inches tall would be that easy to find.

While we were in Terre Haute, Indiana earlier this month, we made our annual trek over to a place called Nancy's, which is full of antiques, collectibles, stuff from estate sales and general "good junk." I always bring back something. Last year it was a $3 green glass citrus juicer. 
This year---a new cute little ceramic cat to love! Amazingly, he is also blue and white!
He graces my large pot garden between the Petunia and  miniature Hosta!
Still, I couldn't bear to part with the other one, so I moved him to a smaller pot where sits under my Amaryllis.
Now, I have a theme going---I must find another blue ceramic cat for my other pot! I have 3 pots in the front yard and 3 ceramic cats will complete the set!
As far as winter goes, however, I've learned my lesson about the unpredictability of cold and ceramics. This year, all ceramic cats will spend the winter safe on a shelf in my garage till spring!
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I like your little ceramic cat!

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