Wednesday, June 4

Garden Pic Wednesday: Working Rain Garden!

Welcome to my continued adventures in Florida gardening!

Today's Pic of the Day is my hard working rain garden!

This shot is about 9:30 in the morning after a pretty good rain. You can see the standing water. By about 5 pm, all that water was gone.
You can see the ruddy leaves of my Giant Red-Leaf tropical lily in the center and, behind it, the similar colored Chocolate Elephant Ears!
With all the lilies in bloom, it looks rather stunning!

Also, I have two shots of recent vase arrangements I've had in the house I arranged from what was blooming outside:
I was a florist for 17 years, which helps.

Last week: White Easter Lilies!(Trivia: Lilies last longer if you snip off their stamens before putting in a vase!) 

This week: Blue Hydrangea's & Purple Gladiolas!

Trivia I've recently learned about Hydrangea's:
They should not be trimmed back later then July, if at all.
Snipping on them in the fall ruins their spring bloom! (for most varieties) 
 I keep wondering why I'm not getting the profuse blooming I hope for and this is why: I've been snipping a little in the fall.
This year, I won't cut the majority at all, though I have one very large one that needs cutting back, but I'll do that no later then the July.
Lesson learned.
Pinterest Tip: Bury copper pennies in the dirt close to blue hydrangea roots to increase their blue coloring.

What's the best lesson you've learned in your gardening experience?
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