Thursday, July 31

Mama Kat Thursday: Lipstick Personality & Ugly Toes

Today's Mama Kat prompt is "My Top Beauty Must Haves."

When it comes to beauty products, I have two passions:
pretty lips and pretty toes.
My sister, Jane, knows about my "toe thing" and teases me about it. She even sent me a mini-manicure kit that's the size of a deodorant for Christmas one year that I still use.
I live in Florida. Everyone wears sandals all the time. And I happen to be observant. I look down and observe the state of people toes.

I have a pet-peeve list of things I don't like to see:
* Un-clipped Claw Toes. Men or Women.
* Spa Toes: that's toes that once clearly had a trip to the spa weeks ago, but now the polish is haphazardly wearing off and growing out.
* French Manicured Toes: looks good on hands; not so much on toes. This polish style usually requires a little bit a length of the toes, which quickly lends itself to claw-toe.

For me, when the sandals come out, the toe polish goes on!
I don't leave the house without make-up and I won't walk around in sandals without toe polish!
Another thing I won't leave the house without is lipstick.
 I love the old-fashioned tube lipstick. I suppose I like the tube style because that's what I watched my Mom put on for years and years. She wore red and, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, it looked good on her. 
I, on the other hand, have freckled light skin with a reddish undertone and green eyes, so lipsticks on the rose to maroon side look best on me. 

Did you know the shape of how your lipstick wears down says something about your personality? 
For example: some ladies tube lipstick turns flat as they use it or rounded or concave on both sides.
Diagonal Wear
I wear my lipstick down on a diagonal, which, according to the article, suggests that I'm, "confident, ambitious and know what's best for me.  I'm also choosy and consider a few selected people as close friends."Those two statements are true about me. The rest of the lipstick fortune; not so much.
Want to check what your lipstick says about you?

Go here for the full article.


So what's your beauty pet-peeve?

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Kathy said...

I completely agree with you; if you're going to wear open-toed shoes get out the nail polish! I'm not a big makeup wearer but I do insist on that.

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