Wednesday, October 29

Garden Pic Wednesday: Mini-me Box Turtle

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is a "mini-me" Box Turtle I saw just sitting on the block wall on Monday as Hubby and I were walking up the walk after coming home from the Fitness Center.
He's sitting in my Hubby's hands, all of 2 inches in size!
Such big eyes!

Baby Box Turtle

We released him in the back yard. Boxies are territorial--maybe he'll stay.
Today's other projects: Move the Houseplants Inside!
It will be getting down into the 40's this weekend at night!
All my houseplants happily spend spring & summer outside.
This year though, one of the variegated Spider plants died. So I have one pot with a bushy Spider plant hanging in the kitchen and one that has just a few Spider babies in it.
I hang a Dracaena plant in the guest bath and I have a Silver Arrowhead in the master bath, though, I must say, that Arrowhead was in pitiful shape and had to have a complete re-potting. Both it and the one Spider plant will need to re-grow.

My Christmas Cactus & Aloe in New Pots:
I actually re-potted these several months ago and they've been outside, but them inside today. They're sitting in front of the kitchen window.
 The Christmas Cactus is starting to form buds as it typically does at this time of year. It's a mix of red & white. Hopefully both will bloom this year!

Christmas Cactus & Aloe

Other News:
We paid off our house this spring and now that we have to pay our home insurance, we're 
going through a process of re-evaluating our coverage. Our insurance company suggested a inspection
that could reduce our premium, so today we had a guy come by to do that. Basically, they're looking for hurricane sturdiness. He said our house was really in good shape.  So that's good.

Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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