Thursday, July 3

Mama Kat Thursday: Best June Photos

The Mama Kat prompt topic today is: "Share your top favorite photo you took in June. Give us the back story."

I didn't expect it.
 I'm always wondering around my garden, photographing flowers. I had my lens focused on a pink Zinnia. Then, just a split second before I clicked, something flew into the frame and landed on the flower.

I couldn't really see it until I put the photos on my computer--then there it was. A little sweat bee posing for a pic!
He saw me and froze. 
He was really enjoying himself, eating the dried out popcorn on the ground that I throw out for the birds. I saw him, grabbed my camera and stepped out the sliding glass door. 

As soon as I did, he froze where he was, popcorn in his beak, keeping an eye on me until I went back in the house.
 Then he finished his kernel and searched for another piece.

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Crissy said...

Great photos! I need to get out and shoot some nature pictures soon.

TMW Hickman said...

I just got a telephoto lens for my birthday, so I have been having a great time figuring out how to use it. I would love to capture a bee on film!

Laura Belleau said...

I always love animal photos! They can be so hard to get, but spectacular when you do!

Haley Webb said...

Oh I love these! Stopping by from mama Kat's.

Kathy said...

You could never plan shots like that; they have to come to you. You had some wonderful luck there :)

Mama Kat said...

I'm always surprised when I blindly snap a photo and pull it up later to see that it actually turned out nice! I love that little bee swooping in at exactly the right moment!

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