Thursday, April 30

Mama Kat Thursday: Blossoming Joy

I'm combining two Mama Kat prompts today, since my blossoming flower beds are my present joy!
My garden looks best at this time of year, before the sweltering heat takes over.
If you were driving up to my house, this large Gardenia bush and native orange Day Lilies would be the first thing you'd see:

Then, if you were going to the front door, you'd follow the sidewalk past this where my white ceramic cat would watch you pass with glassy eyes:

Once you reached the front door, you could look toward the rear yard and you'd see this rain garden with it's purple "Chocolate" Elephant Ears, orange Day Lillies & tall flag iris greeny:

But if you decided not to walk to the front door, but wanted to look at the beds on the opposite side of the driveway along the north side of the house, you'd first see this bed, where Easter Lilies & Sea Holly are preparing to bloom:

And if you wanted to get a better look at the Hostas next to the house that are behind this bed, you'd see this:

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
What's your favorite part of your yard or garden?
Thanks for visiting!

(Mama Kat prompts selected this week were "Write about your present joy," and "blog a post inspired by the word "Blossom.")


Melissa Patrick said...

Beautiful garden! I don't have a green thumb but I can appreciate everything that goes into keeping one up :)

Maria The Mum said...

Stopping by From Mama Kat's - what a garden!
We finally just got rid of the last of the snow here so we're three week behind....
And I can only hope ours looks like yours!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! We're just getting to planting season here, but I love early spring when my tulip bed is blooming. :)

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