Wednesday, January 13

Garden Pic Wednesday: December Red Salvia

Today, I actually went out and mowed half the back yard. Leaves & pine needles mostly. 
I have a window right next to me. I can see my potted blueberries and I noticed this morning they're preparing to bloom.  Uh-oh. It's a little early. We're not done with freezing temps yet. I'll have to watch the extended weather, so I can cover them as needed.

Today's Garden Pic is some of my Red Salvia on the back patio. This shot is from December before Christmas sometime.
It recently took a slight hit from Jack Frost, turning some leaves dark, but he didn't kill it.
I carefully left old buds on this one and below this plant in the pot dirt are numerous happy baby Red Salvia I'll be able to plant places come spring!
I've also already seen scads of Zinnia & Marigold seedlings popping up all sorts of places.
I wonder if they know something I don't?

Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday!

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