Thursday, April 28

Mama Kat Thursday: The Cornbread Mishap

The Mama Kat prompt for today is about "a kitchen mistake," and though I've certainly made my own, none is as good as Hubby's "cornbread" mishap.
He usually laughingly denies being able to cook. He'll tell people that "he burns water when he boils it."
The truth is he actually CAN cook. Usually just simple things like frying eggs or mixing up a box of Kraft mac & cheese.
Little does anyone know he actually used to bake made-from-scratch cornbread from a recipe off the corn meal box that I had copied onto an index card we had pinned on the frig with a magnet.
Sea Sponge
He didn't do it often. Just once in a while, which was apparently seldom enough for him for forget the difference between the abbreviation for "teaspoon" (tsp) and "Tablespoon," (Tbsp).The cornbread recipe called for 3 "tsp" Baking Powder."  He mistook it for "Tbsp" and put in 3 Tablespoons of Baking Powder.The result was a batch of cornbread so light and airy and full of holes, it looked something like this sea sponge.
It wasn't inedible---just airy and we had a good laugh about it, which helped make it memorable.
(Psst, don't tell him I told. He doesn't want anyone to know he actually can cook!)
What's your most memorable cooking mistake?

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Mama Kat said...

Haha! I would SO do something like that! And now you've got me craving cornbread. My Mom used to pour syrup over it and call it dinner. I didn't complain.

Carol said...

Following a recipe can make for a comical outcome! I am guilty of that myself. I won't tell!

May said...

I have made this error, but my results were a lot less edible than the cornbread turned out!

Paula Kiger said...

If I had done this prompt, I would have had SEVERAL options! Fun!

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