Wednesday, July 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: Golden Tomatoes!

It's the first week of July! So hot and humid out, yesterday I waited until 3:30 to work outside and mow.
I put melon rinds outside in a spot under the shade of our old wooden picnic table for a box turtle living in my backyard someplace.  I've seen him come out to munch on rinds before and I find anything I put out demolished every day. I put some watermelon rinds out today and lunch and when I looked again a couple hours later, they were eaten to the skin.
Putting rinds out for him to munch helps keep him out of mischief in my garden, because it keeps his little belly full.
The day I didn't put rinds out, I found the bottom of a low hanging tomato eaten. I've since brought all the large, low hanging tomatoes into the house to ripen, because I want to be the one to eat them!

Today's Garden Pics:
First ripe golden tomato!
My pretty first tomato of the season! We had this one on several BLT's and it was sooo delicious! 
Yellow tomatoes are sweet and mild. Tastes better then red; maybe because they're less acidic.
You can use yellow tomatoes just like red in lettuce salads, pasta sauces, salsas, pasta salads, soups, casseroles & so on.
(Bad news: Since this post, the tomato plant got sick and I had to harvest all the tomatoes on it and bring them in the house to ripe. I did save a sucker that I'm trying to root to see if I can get a fall tomato out of it!)

I have Hummingbird Feeders outside, but it's not Hummingbirds visiting them!
Here's a shot of a female Red Bellied Woodpecker enjoying her share of sugar water!
The Purple Finches enjoy licking up their share, too! 
It feeder just has slots they can stick their tongues into and a convenient perch to sit or hang on!
Amusing to watch.

That's it for today! Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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