Wednesday, March 8

Garden Pic Wednesday: New Plants!

Here in Florida it's time for spring yard work, even though snow is still falling elsewhere!
We got a few bedding plants from both Lowe's & Walmart last weekend.
Garden Pics today are some of the new purchases:
Pictured below are Million Bells (pink flowers to left) and a  
new Mexican Heather (to right)

I'm particularly fond of the Million Bells. One of these is already planted in the large container garden out front. I had to add a new day lily to that same container this year and it has a orange-pink tone, so I thought the pink Million Bells would be a nice change.

And New Hydrangeas!
The photo really doesn't do justice to the beautiful range of pink to purple to dusky blue these heads are! I have just blue or just pink, so these will be different.
If you remember, I mentioned two Azaleas out front died and I intended to replace them with Hydrangea's? These are them.
 So Hubby dug out the dead Azalea roots for me, which were on either side of a tree out front, then we planted these!

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Diana Davis said...

Love, love, love hydrangeas. The type I love don't make it here in McKinney. Oakleaf, that do, aren't nearly as lovely.

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