Garden Pic Wednesday: Salvia Ablaze!

I finally finished planting all those Dutch Iris Bulbs!  A couple weeks ago, I'd dug up the 5 year old bulbs in two containers only to find they'd been fruitful and multiplied--creating about a 100 bulb-lets ranging in size from 3/8 to 1 inch in size! I'd already planted half, while the rest have been waiting in a bucket of dirt in the garage! As I planted them, I discovered a few were showing growth-tips proving it was certainly time to get them in the ground! Here in Florida, this time of year is when Dutch Iris puts up it's greenery to drink in sun for spring bloom!

Today's photo is one I shot just this past Sunday as the setting sun rays fell upon this Red Salvia that's in a container just outside my patio door! 
As soon as I saw it, I ran for my camera! 
It's enjoying a period of prosperous growth & bloom right now, as it is does every fall--until the first hard frost. Though, the roots generally survive and the plants come back in spring. Some Salvia that gets Southern or Western sunlight will stay warm enough to bloom through winter--it just depends.
This particular specimen is 2 years old.

Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow to find out what used to scare me as a kid!


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