Monday, August 7

Good Eating Monday: Brownies with Coconut Oil!

Recently, I've been making box mix brownies for Hubby to take up to the Army post for the Single Soldiers Bible Study he helps facilitate.
In the past I've used replaced the oil called for on box with Unsweetened Applesauce--and that works well, but it does give  more of a cakey quality to the Brownies rather then fudgy-chewy.
I have a big jar of Coconut Oil for it's multiple uses and it's health benefits in cooking and decided to try that---and it made the most delicious fudgy Brownies I've ever made!
So, if you're making box mix Brownies and have Coconut Oil on hand, I highly recommend it!

The Dark Chocolate for a 10 x 13 pan is my favorite! I also use Special Dark Chocolate Chips.

1 box brownie mix for 10 x 13 pan
1/2 cup Coconut Oil  (if it's solid, microwave a few seconds to melt back to liquid)
2 eggs
1/4 cup water

Make according to directions. Optional: sprinkle a handful of chocolate chips over top, then and bake. (That way they don't stick to bottom of pan like they do if you mix them into batter!)
Cool and cut.

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