Wednesday, June 12

Garden Pic Wednesday: Gardenia Arrangement

Yesterday I hedged one of the Azalea's that edge my sidewalk--I use hand hedge sheers, so it's a good arm workout! Today I just picked blackberries.
It's Gardenia time! My huge bush out front is thick with them and the air is fragrance with their clove-like scent!

Whatever's blooming outside goes into my vase, so
today's garden pick is a mixed vase that includes Gardenias, Agapanthus, Hydrangea and Black-eyed Susan's:
As a vase flower, Gardenia's are short-lived. Maybe 2 or 3 days, though it's worth it for the smell.
 Their head's are heavy, too, so they tend to droop over the side of the vase.
I had to reposition these after they'd been in the vase water an hour, flipping them around and putting some in the middle of the arrangement where other flowers will hold them up.
Also, when cutting Gardenia's, just choose ripe white buds or barely open flowers, give a quick rinse under cold water, shake off gently and arrange.
I say that because fully open blossoms usually have mites. (teeny-tiny insects.)
Just choosing buds is a quick and easy way to beat this problem.
Hydrangea's, on the other hand, are an excellent vase flower and last well. Should they appear droopy, just give their stems a fresh slanted cut and fresh, hot tap water. They'll perk right back up.
Apparently my husband forgot to renew his car registration in May, since that's his birthday month and here it is well into June!
Luckily, we noticed it ourselves this past weekend. He was washing his KIA (a rare event in itself) and suddenly realized he still had last years sticker on the license plate.
"Where's my new sticker?" he exclaimed, convinced he'd gone and renewed it, since he has never forgotten before.
Well, long story short: he did forget. And it only took checking the county website to confirm it hadn't been done.
Fortunately, he could do it right on-line--including that hefty late charge. *gag*The form also warned that receiving the new sticker might take 7 to 10 business days, which I could hardly believe, since local mail can go from here to Pensacola and back again within 2 to 3 days max.
My husband printed off the form that said the renewal was paid to carry around with him--just in case.
Amazingly---his outdated sticker has gone unnoticed! Even the security guys at the base gate haven't noticed.
Happily, guess what came in mail today? Yup. The new sticker!

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