Thursday, August 28

Mama Kat Thursday: Two Before & After Projects

The Mama Kat Prompt topic for today is:
"Show Us a Before & After."

Last fall and this spring I had two major drainage issue locations: one in the back yard and one on the side of the garage.
After hours of TLC they're greatly improved. Here's the before & after on both:
First: The Back Yard Pond:
This happened every time we had a heavy rain:

Same spot as it looks now. Paradise.
I took advantage of the naturally concave area by edging it with flagstones and filling the center with gravel & water loving plants.
The Chocolate Elephant Ears here are gorgeous!

Second, The Other Pond:
This bed edges on the garage near the front of the house.

I edged the bed with paving blocks, raised the dirt level on the grass side, then planted grass plugs. Now that it's late summer, 
it's nicely filled in!

I consider rate these two projects among my most successful---though not all gardening experiments are. :)

Thanks for visiting!
What was one of your most successful DIY projects?


Lori said...

Oh, it looks lovely! What a great idea to fill the "pond" area with water plants. I have a brown thumb, I'm afraid. My best DIY projects usually involve painting or fauxing a wall.

Carol said...

What a great improvement for both projects. That's what a call clever "curb appeal!"

kelley jensen said...

That's what I call using your head, designing around what the ground does naturally. Both projects turned out nice. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

Diana Davis said...

Happy Anniversary Bev & Dave. We're 32 yrs married in December, too. '82 was a very good year.

B Nickerson said...

Thanks Dee! :) It was a good year. My sister married same year, too.

Mama Kat said...

Ooooh beautiful work! Those turned out great!

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