Thursday, January 30

Mama Kat Thursday: The Pizza Party

The Mama Kat blog prompt for today is"
"Share one of your "did that really just happen to me" life moments..."

To win something was a surprise. That people I knew and invited wanted to go with me made it amazing!
It was 1977 and I happened to fill out a little form at some store for a local pizzeria to win a "free pizza party for you and 6 friends."
To my huge surprise, I actually won. I very excited. I'd never won anything before! Plus it was December, my birthday month and I thought it would make a great birthday celebration! But the trick was how to get there and who could might actually want to go with me?
I was in the Air Force then, stationed in Omaha, Nebraska at Offutt Air Force Base. I didn't have a car. It wasn't necessary to get around on base and to work back then, since base buses ran every 30 minutes and, at night, one could order a free base taxi ride to work from the motor pool.
This pizzeria, however, was in a shopping plaza somewhere far way in Omaha, which is a very large city. I would definitely need friends with cars to go.The question was, "Who to invite?" 
I wasn't really close to anyone, though I was decently acquainted  with a number of other single girls I either worked with at the hospital or lived with in the dormitory that I felt I could try inviting some of them.

Old memories of social isolation in high school were still effecting my expectations of human interaction, so when I asked various co-workers and dorm-mates to go, I was extraordinarily amazed by their eager acceptance! I asked 6 those 6 accepted without hesitation.
So on the appointed evening, we all hopped in a couple cars together, drove to the pizzeria and enjoyed free pizza and drinks. It was great--but not because the pizza was overly fantastic. It wasn't, but it was the company that made event fantastic!
 And because they knew the pizza event was my birthday celebration, too, a couple of them thoughtfully surprised me with birthday presents!
One, a nurse I worked with, gave me a wood-toned choker-pendent necklace and bracelet set, which I still have in my jewelry box, and we still trade Christmas cards every year to this day!

I hold on to that little necklace because its a reminder that, yup, that happened and it was cool!

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Mama Kat said...

Wow! That's a great feeling to have everyone come to your celebration and proof that we can redefine who we are any time in life! What a special moment!

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