Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Top 5

Greetings. I was hoping to finish mowing the front this morning---but, it was already raining and thundering. It's a steady, pattering rain. Not a down-pour.
So much for that idea.
Instead, I spent a little time fine-tuning some new electronic skins I loaded into my Zazzle store for readers, phones & MP3's.
It was the first time I'd ever used the "bulk creator" and even then, I just did a limited selection. But it was easy enough to use---just needed extra fine-tuning afterwards.
If you drop by and "Like" my store, you'll get email updates of anything I add new!
They have featured discounts constantly, too!

So on to the Mama Kat Prompt of the Day:

#1)  Hershey's Special Dark Kisses
        These are my go-to favorites because they're only 20 calories per Kiss, so I'll eat two for a treat after lunch or dinner. I keep them in the freezer.
 (I'm not at all tempted to eat the whole bag.)

#2)  Mounds
I did say I love coconut and I prefer it with dark chocolate. I'm not so found of Almond Joy for that reason---it's covered in milk chocolate.
So, I don't usually "feel like a nut."

#3)  Peanut M&M's
I just like the taste of peanuts coated in chocolate.  I like Goobers, too, for the same reason.
There's this joke about a salemen who paid a sales call at an elderly lady's house.
She invited him in and asked if he'd like an iced tea?
He said he would, indeed, and she toddled off to the kitchen to get it.
While he was waiting, he noticed a bowl of peanuts on the table next to him, so he had a few, but because he was a little hungry, quickly devoured the whole bowl.
When the lady returned with the ice tea, he held up the empty bowl and said, "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I ate all your peanuts."
She replied, "That's okay. I already ate all the chocolate off them!"

#4) Hershey's Extra-Extra Dark Assortment
I love the 60% to 80% dark chocolate! The down-side, however, is each square of these is 50 calories. Still, I often get a pack at Christmas and they go into the freezer and I'll enjoy one every so often.

#5)  Snickers
This is my fav non-dark chocolate candy bar, though I rarely eat them. Maybe if I have a few snack size leftover from Halloween perhaps, then I might enjoy a few bites.
Besides, I love this Mr. T Snickers ad pic!
I always loved the A-Team!


Unknown said…
LMAO at the peanut joke!!!!
NatteringNic said…
We Canadians are Mounds-less. *tear* Loved the peanut M&M story!!

*clicking in from MamaKat*
JimmyFJames said…
Loved the M&M's joke. Was cute. I'm not big into dark chocolate but I do admire your restraint on being able to eat only 1 or 2 hershey kisses. If I have one, then I have to have at least 4 or 5.

Visiting from MamaKats
This is so funny, we have M&M's in common and while I LOVE dark chocolate, I don't like hershey's or coconut, so you have too of my least favorite too!

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