Monday, September 12

Good Eating Monday: Keep Apples From Browning!

Apples season is upon us and with that comes eating sliced apples with caramel sauce!
We bought some dipping caramel at the grocery the other day in anticipation of getting some apples for this coming Sunday. 
But the downside of sliced apples is they gradually turn brown,  I've tried the lemon juice, but that only seems to delay the browning only slightly.

So today, I found this tip on Pinterest for using honey & water as a method to prevent browning:

To Keep Apples From Browning
 Step 1: Mix 2 Tablespoons of honey in 1 cup of water
Step 2: Let the apple slices soak a few minutes in this solution.

Step 3: Drain, but DO NOT rinse apples. Then serve & enjoy.

What Did I Think After I Tried It
  Pretty effective. I wanted the slices out on a plate for serving and the honey kept them looking really nice out on the table a couple hours.

However, nothing can totally stop apples from browning, but I just opened a plastic container that I put leftover slices in last night after being out on the table 3 1/2 hours and they are still mostly white, crisp condition.
So, overall, I give this method two thumbs up! It also gave the slices an extra bit of sweetness!
I'd use it again.

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Susan Joy Clark said...

Thanks for the tip. Apples with caramel dipping sauce sounds so good too. :)

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